100 Effective Social Media Post Ideas

How to generate engaging Social Media Post Ideas?

What is the hardest part of using social media to promote business?

In many small businesses creating the content and coming up with ideas is at the top of the list. Just finding time to create content is difficult enough, let alone creating valuable content that will engage and grow your audience.

Don’t worry, here is a little guide to help you.

With this article, you will never run out of ideas what to post on your social media.


1. Host #AMA (Ask Me Anything).

2. Answer publicly a frequently asked question.

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3. Ask for recommendations.

4. Ask for testimonials.

5. Ask about current events.

6. Ask what is your fans’ favourite…

7. Post a “Would you rather” question.

8. Post an “If you could…” question.

9. Ask a philosophical question.

10. Ask a lifestyle question.

11. Ask a “What was your first…” question

12. Post a survey.

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13. Share what’s new in your company.

14. Share photos from company’s events.

15. Share your latest accomplishments.

16. Talk about your company’s history.


17. Talk about an event you will attend.

18. Share a holiday-themed post.

19. Share a special-day post.

20. Promote an event you are hosting.

21. Share a daily hashtag post

22. Write about a trending topic.

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23. Share a time saving tip.

24. Share an interesting infographics.

25. Review a product or service.

26. Share a productivity hack.

27. Share a money saving tip.

28. Create an infographics.

29. Talk about common mistakes people make.

30. Run a “One day of a life of…” series.


31. Post a funny photo or video you recently liked.

32. Share a “fill in the blank” post.

33. Share a joke.

34. Post a meme or a funny gif.

35. Post a fun fact from your industry.

36. Share a fun story.

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37. Talk about a cause or charity you support.

38. Give away a voucher.

39. Give your followers a gift.

40. Host a Flash Sale.


41. Share a news from your industry.

42. Post an interesting article from your niche.

43. Share an interesting statistics or fact about your industry.

44. Interview an expert.

45. Share your company’s annual report.

46. Share results from a survey.

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47. Host a contest.

48. Acknowledge your fans and thank them for supporting you.

49. Share a post from one of your fans.

50. Interview one of your followers.

51. Post a photo of your recent contest winner.

52. Show one of your fans using your product or service.

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53. Take a picture of your workspace.

54. Post a “What’s on this image” post.

55. Post a fun selfie.

56. Post a “Before and After” shot.

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57. Share a “Sneak Peek” photo.


58. Share someone else’s content.

59. Feature your clients and encourage your fans to support them.

60. Feature your business partner and talk about the synergy between your businesses.

61. Feature another expert.

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62. Ask your fans to sign up to your email list.

63. Talk about your competitive advantage.

64. Remind your followers to buy your products.

65. Share your company’s success story.

66. Mention your other social media profiles.

67. Promote your product launch.

68. Celebrate an important milestone you achieved.


69. Share a new content you wrote.

70. Reshare or repurpose some of your older content.

71. Share a press release you have.

72. Remind your followers about your blog.

73. Reshare your top performing posts.

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74. Introduce a new employee to your audience.

75. Feature one of your team members.

76. Let your fans know you are looking for a new team member.

77. Post a photo showing your company culture.

78. Post a Team-building photo.


79. Talk about your goals.

80. Tell people how you got started.

81. Talk about your hobby or passion.

82. Share a pearl of wisdom you learned the hard way.

83. Share your usual daily routine.

84. Talk about a failure and what you learned from it.

85. Share what you do to relax after a long week.

86. Talk about one of your trips.

87. Post about your values.

88. Share something you want to achieve before the age of …


89. Post an inspirational quote.

90. Share a success story that inspired you.

91. Describe how to overcome a problem.

92. Talk about someone who inspired you.

93. Post about something positive you experienced.

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94. Post a “How to” article or tutorial.

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95. Share an useful resource or tool your followers might like.

96. Post a link to useful service you use often.

97. Share an interesting Pinterest Pin

98. Recommend an useful mobile app.


99. Share a “How to” video.

100. Shoot an “Unboxing” video.

101. Share a “Behind the scenes” video.

102. Create a themed video.

103. Post a walkthrough through your company.

104. Post a review video.

105. Share a testimonial from your client.

106. Post a live video.

107. Share a “Sneak Peek” video.


108. Share you favourite blogger.

109. Talk about your favourite podcast.

110. Mention your favourite YouTube channel.

111. Talk about a book you are reading.

112. Share your favourite tool or a resource.

113. Talk about your favourite product or service.

114. Mention your favourite music channel or a band.

115. Talk about your favourite entrepreneur or role model.

116. Do not post anything (yes that’s also allowed).



Daily hashtags are popular tags on social media for specific days of the week. They are a great source of content inspiration and, will increase engagement and grow your fan base if used correctly.

Here is a list of the most commonly used daily hashtags:


#MotivationMonday, #MondayMotivation












#ThrowbackThursday, #TBT




#FollowFriday, #FF












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