900 Fake Dental Practices reported across the state: CID Report

West Bengal: Around 900 fake dentists have been reported to be practicing across the state, including Kolkata and its suburbs, during the Covid period.

The West Bengal State Dental Council alleged regarding the blooming fake dental practices across state into which CID has initiated an inquiry. The council has provided specific names to the CID, after an appeal made to public by Indian Dental Association state secretary Raju Biswas.

According to reports, a special team has been asked to initiate the probe. ”Based on our findings, we will lodge necessary FIRs,” said an officer at Bhawani Bhawan.

According to the allegation, the accused were operating through two different modus operandi. “In the first case, the accused have actually paid a registered dentist and using the latter’s registration numbers. In other cases, not even the genuine doctor is getting to know that his registration number and name were being used as a fraud,” explained an officer. In a few cases, the accused neither has a registration number nor a degree.

Source: The Times Of India

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