Time for an entertaining challenge 😉

Tickle your brain to solve the dentistry crossword in our latest edition.
All words are taken from the current articles of this month so KEEP CALM AND READ CAREFULLY!

1. Mechanical device that simulate the movement of TMJ
2. First elastic impression material used in dentistry
3. Most suitable tooth for OOKP
4. 'My pain is better doc, but i taste of metal'
5. We clear smear in concentration of 17
6. Virus which is the main risk factor for sqamous cell cancer
7. Most important event for dentin binding
8. Criss and cross , criss and cross This is the point where fissures cross
9. I'm an irreversible hydrocolloid
10. We modulate the gene expression post transcriptionally


Dental Negligence – A Double Edged Sword (Part 1)

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