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Dentistry, the art and science pertaining to the teeth has, to my knowledge, currently become an underdog in the field of medical sciences. What may be the reason? Who is to blame? The branch itself or the people around it?? Well as there are 2 sides of a coin, definitely this thought needs some pondering over. And not to forget the fact that sometimes some questions are best left unanswered!

Moving on, I being a firm supporter of this glammed up profession would like to share with all of you some noteworthy teachings that I have learnt from Dentistry during my short and still continuing (Thank God!) Dental Career :

1) Dentistry is, to some extent the art of duplicating:

Starting from the preliminary impressions up to delivering those perfectly fitting crowns, it all boils down to the fact as to how well can one duplicate things from the preceding step to the next one. Even the crowns or aesthetic restorations that we give to our patients are nothing but a copy of a natural tooth.

2) More than a self employment, it’s a fully fledged business:

I believe in this 100%.Treating a patient is just 1 part of this multi facet profession. In order to be successful , apart from being a greatly skilled dentist ,you definitely need to know the following :

  • Networking
  • Strong Financial Skills
  • Art of Negotiating (Yes that’s right , i would like to use this term because ultimately this is what we are doing with patient before treating them)
  • More of Advertisment,rather than marketing (Unless of course you have a well build team for this)
  • Public Speaking and Management Skills: This is a mandatory, non-negotiable skill set for surviving in any profession.
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3) System Centric Dental Practice:

Yes, you read it correctly. SYSTEM- CENTRIC (Small, Big it’s all up to you) practice/business can be found in dentistry too, like in any other business. All you need is :

  • A Vision
  • Unquestionable Work Ethics
  • A great committed team ( comprising of both dental and non dental people)
  • Be Impatiently Patient
  • A written set of Protocols
  • Knowledge of Diversification in terms of Dental Labs, Dental Courses, Dental Teaching , Dental Writing and Dental Philanthropy
  • Macro and Micromanagement

4) Millionaire, Billionaire or for that matter a Centi Billionaire ,dentistry can fetch you all of it, only if you:

  • Have the right Attitude and Aptitude
  • Are Open minded and have the willingness to change with time
  • Have the Right guidance and follow it whole heartedly

5) If clinical practice is not really your cup of tea ,say hello to the other options that dentistry has to offer to you .

You can:

  • Associate with an online dental marketing /materials portal as a Product Specialist
  • Write Dental blogs/dental articles( This combined with Dental Vlogging is a very hot trend in the West)
  • Join Pharmaceutical companies
  • Join companies associated with manufacturing Dental equipments
  • Teach/ Give Online Coaching ( All the necessary software is available for the same , all you need is bit of courage and beTech-savvy)
  • Course manager at a Dental Academy

6) There is No point blaming dentistry in terms of monetary returns:

I realised this a little late though but a very important lesson indeed. Nobody is liable to pay you handsomely .You have to make yourself worthy of that. Please do not blame your institution for not training you well. Their job was to give you a basic dental degree and open the market for you. Now it’s up to you to either make a hell or a heaven out of it.

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7) Eventually in a nutshell, what I would like to express is that:

You are a dentist .You have the skill set . Some is inborn talent and some you have acquired by training .Now you have to decide for yourself with all sorts of permutations and combinations what works for you, or rather how to make things work for you .Leaving a profession is very easy but to be in it against all odds and yet manage to make a name for yourself, is what that calls for an applause. Good luck!

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the writer are of their own. Readers are free to agree or disagree or have a difference of opinion. All views are equally respected.

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