An Ultimate List of Equipment and Instruments for a Dental Clinic

Setting up a new clinic brings in a lot of work to be done. Choose a locality, select an engaging name for the clinic, planning for proper marketing strategies, deciding the treatment rates!!!!!seems to be a lot.

But the most important thing to be done is to get all the required equipments and materials which will help you provide quality treatment to your patients. The first thing you should do is take a pen and a paper and jottle down the things that you will need.

Do not go for all fancy equipments available in the market at the very beginning of your practice. Start with the basic equipments and gradually upgrade your practice.

Make a separate list of equipments, dental materials, stationery etc.

Here I am providing a general list of important things needed to establish a new clinic. I have tried to cover maximum things to the best of my knowledge but u can add or remove the things as per the need of your practice. It is meant only to provide you with a general idea.


  • A dental chair.
  • Compressor unit.
  • Motorised Suction.
  • Contra angle Airotor handpiece and cartridge.
  • Micromotor Handpiece. ( Straight and contra angle)
  • Piezo Scaler and scaling tips.
  • RVG unit.
  • X- ray viewer.
  • Autoclave.
  • UV chamber.
  • Glass bead sterelizer
  • Needle burner.
  • LED curing light.
  • Bleaching light.
  • Apex locator.
  • Endomotor.
  • Pulp tester.
  • Micromotor for lab work adjustments.
  • Sthetoscope.
  • Blood pressure analyser.
  • Cheatle forceps.
  • Gloves
  • Mouth mask.
  • Head caps.
  • Lead apron.
  • Patient draps.
  • Sterelized instrument pouhes.
  • Disposable glasses.
  • Disposable napkins.
  • Eye wear.
  • Water purifier.
  • A small Refrigerator.
  • A Laptop ( For RVG and Patient database)
  • A television ( Optional for patient Entertainment and education)
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  • Mouth mirrors.
  • Straight probe.
  • Double ended probe.
  • Tweezer.
  • Instrument trays.
  • Kidney trays.
  • Endo locking tweezer.
  • Williams probe.
  • CPITN probe.
  • Nabers probe.
  • Pocket marker.
  • Cotton Holder.


  • Mouth mirrors.
  • Explorers.
  • Cotton Pliers.
  • Spoon excavator.
  • Amalgam Carrier.
  • Mortar and Pestle.
  • Hollenbach.
  • Interproximal Carver.
  • Burnisher.
  • Condenser.
  • Spoon excavator.
  • Plastic filler.
  • Articulating paper forceps.
  • Rubber dam kit.
  • Dycal instruments.
  • Rubber dam kit.
  • Bur chuck.
  • Toffelmaire retainer and matrix bands.
  • Universal retainers
  • Matrix bands ( metal and transparent)
  • Finishing strips.
  • Polishing cup.
  • Wedges ( Plastic and wooden)
  • Cement spatula.
  • Agate
  • Glass slab.
  • Composite polishing kit.
  • Hand isntruments.
  • Applicators.
  • Mixing pads.
  • Burs.
  • Bur block.
  • Saliva ejectors.
  • Dappen dish.


  • Files.
  • K files: 15-40, 45-80.
  • H files: 15-40, 45-80.
  • NITI files: Hand and rotary.
  • Reamers.
  • Assorted Broaches.
  • Assorted Endo burs.
  • Silicon Endo stops.
  • Gates glidden drills.
  • Piezo rimmers
  • Finger spreader.
  • Pluggers.
  • Endo box.
  • Irrigation tips.


  • Alcohol Torch.
  • Retraction cord.
  • Wax caliper.
  • Crown cutting burs.
  • Acrylic trimming burs.
  • Crown remover.
  • Plaster knife.
  • Plaster spatula ( straight and curved)
  • Wax spatula.
  • Wax knife.
  • Lacron carver.
  • Mixings bowls.
  • Lab stone.
  • Shade guide.
  • Fox plane.
  • Adams plier.
  • Universal plier.
  • Ligature wires.
  • Impression trays dentulous.
  • Impression trays edentulous.


  • Adult forceps kit:
  • Maxillary anteriors and premolars.
  • Maxillary right first and second molar.
  • Maxillary left first and second molars.
  • Maxillary third molars.
  • Maxillary overlapping anteriors and root tips.
  • Mandibular root tips.
  • All deciduous and mandibular anteriors.
  • Mandibular premolars.
  • Mandibular first and second molars.
  • Mandibular third molars.
  • Maxillary cowhorn.
  • Mandibular cowhorn.
  • Pedodontic forceps kit.
  • Periosteal elevators.
  • Straight elevators.
  • Cryers.
  • Crane elevators.
  • Coupland elevators.
  • Waricks James elevators.
  • Root tip elevators.
  • Surgical curettes.
  • Hemostats.
  • Needle holder.
  • Suture.
  • Suture scissors.
  • Straight and curved scissors.
  • Scalpel.
  • Scalpel Blade remover.
  • Surgical burs.
  • Rongeurs ( side cutting and End cutting )
  • Bone chisel and mallet.
  • Bone file.
  • Dean tissue scissors.
  • Towel clamps.
  • Tissue retractor.
  • Tongue and cheek retractor ( Adult and Pedo)
  • Bite block.
  • Ligature wires.
  • Surgical aspirating tips.
  • Surgical tray.
  • Surgical drap.
  • Surgical towels.
  • Towel clips.
  • Short and long needles with syringe.
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  • Magnifying loupes.
  • Operating microscopes.
  • Surgical handpiece.
  • LASER.
  • Surgical Implant kit.
  • Physio dispenser.
  • Amalgamator.
  • Ultrasonic irrigating devices.
  • Gutta percha heating and cutting systems. Etc.

Following is the list of dental materials required in day to day practise. I have tried my best to cover every basic requirement in both the lists. You can always add or remove as per your patient needs.

Oral Surgery:

  • Local anesthetic.
  • Topical anesthetic.
  • Dry socket paste.
  • Betadine.
  • Gelfoam.
  • Iodoform Gauze.
  • Hemostatic agents.
  • Sterile Gauze.
  • Biopsy bottles.


  • Impression materials:
  • Alginate.
  • Rubber base.
  • Zinc Oxide eugenol.
  • Green stick compound.
  • Muslin cloth.
  • Cold cure resin.
  • Pumice.
  • Dental stone.
  • Relining and rebasing material.
  • Teeth set.
  • Wax.
  • Sand paper.
  • Luting Glass Ionomer cement.
  • Denture Adhesives.
  • Articulating strips.

Conservative and endodontics:

  • Silver amalgam.
  • Restorative glass ionomer cement.
  • Zinc polycarboxylate cement.
  • Zinc oxide eugenol cement.
  • Dycal.
  • Calcium hydroxide powder.
  • Intermediate restorative material.
  • Composite.
  • Depulping agents.
  • Formocresol.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • EDTA
  • Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Normal Saline.
  • Chlorhexidin
  • Gutta percha cones.
  • Paper points.
  • Resin sealer.
  • Bleaching agents.
  • Posts.
  • Polishing paste.
  • Anti sensitivity solution.


  • Glucose.
  • Emergency medicines.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Spirit
  • Cotton.
  • Gauze.
  • Cotton rolls.
  • Pressure packs.
  • Disposable sleeves for RVG sensor.
  • Autoclavable slippers.
  • Extra Chair covers.
  • Stationeries.
  • Patient education posters.
  • Post operative instruction leaflets.
  • Consent forms.

With this I conclude my list hoping to cover most of the things to the best of my knowledge. Thank you and all the best!

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