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We have all caught the Olympic pandemic! Sports is a beautiful passion to pursue, and sportspersons possess unique qualities – be it discipline, healthy competition or losing and winning gracefully. Imagine the amalgamation of these qualities into the profession of dentistry – because some of these athletes are also dentists!

  • – Dr Nupur Shrirao

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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Paraben: The Controversy Behind The Popularity

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Paraben: The Controversy Behind The Popularity

It is rightly said that every coin has two sides. The same is true for the most favored synthetic used over “eras” in our toothpaste, which is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) & Paraben!

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As India celebrates 75th Independence Day, this is an inspirational Message of communal harmony.

Late Abdul Raheem, an soldier who lost both his hands in war, had received a pair of hands from Joseph of Kerala who had suffered brain death. Joseph’s wife and daughter are looking at the hands that once held theirs. The transplant surgery was performed by Dr Subramanian lyer (blue shirt) of the Amrita Hospital, Kerala. A Hindu doctor – a Christian organ-donor – a Muslim recipient – that’s humanity! God is Great!

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