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Restorations that Stay Alive: A Five-point Ready Reckoner

Moisture-friendly resins that adapt intimately to tooth structure and support the natural remineralisation process have the potential to elevate our practice of dentistry, extend the life of restorations and benefit the health of our patients.

What is BioACTIVITY?

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Bioactive materials stimulate the natural remineralisation process that helps protect teeth against caries.

Bioactive materials are moisture friendly, transport water, release and recharge essential minerals such as calcium, phosphate and fluoride.

Bioactive materials are dynamic, not passive – in the presence of saliva, they elicit a biological response that forms a layer of apatite and a natural bond between the material and the tooth.

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What is ACTIVA?

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ACTIVA BioACTIVE products are the first dental resins with a bioactive ionic resin matrix, shock-absorbing rubberized resin component and reactive ionomer glass fillers that mimic the physical and chemical properties of natural teeth. These bioactive materials actively participate in the cycles of ionic exchange that regulate the natural chemistry of our teeth and saliva, and contribute to the maintenance of tooth structure and oral health.

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How is this material different from the rest?

ACTIVA has the strength, esthetics and physical properties of composites and is more bioactive than glass ionomers, combining the best attributes of both materials without compromising either one. ACTIVA chemically bonds and seals teeth against microleakage. Its continuous release and recharge of significant amounts of calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions provide patients with long-term benefits.

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ACTIVA BioACTIVE products are tougher and more fracture resistant than composites. Toughness of ACTIVA, measured by deflection at break, is 2-3 times greater than composites and 5-10 times greater than GIs and RMGIs.

These products contain no Bisphenol A, no Bis-GMA and no BPA derivatives. They are two-paste, automix systems with three setting mechanisms:

  • Light cure
  • Self-cure resin chemistry
  • Self-cure glass ionomer reaction.

What is the role of the rubberised resin molecule?

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ACTIVA’s rubberised resin component provides unparalleled toughness and resilience. Toughness, measured by deflection at break using a 3-point bend test, is the ability of a strong, hard material to absorb stress, dissipate forces and resist fracture when a load is applied. Fatigue limit is determined by the incremental load required to cause fracture within a defined number of cycles.

What does the tagline of the article mean – ‘restorations that stay alive’?

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ACTIVA elicits a response that stimulates mineral apatite formation and natural remineralisation, which is the defining requirement of bioactive materials. This process, in turn

  • knits the restoration and the tooth together
  • penetrates and fills micro-gaps
  • reduces sensitivity
  • guards against secondary caries and
  • seals margins against microleakage and failure – nature’s way

ACTIVA responds to pH cycles and plays an active role in maintaining oral health with release and recharge of significant amounts of calcium, phosphate and fluoride. These mineral components stimulate formation of a protective/connective apatite layer and a natural bonded-seal at the material-tooth interface.

ACTIVA is an active, moisture friendly material that reacts to changes in the oral environment. Only moisture friendly materials that are partly water-based or have phases or zones with significant water content are capable of this dynamic behaviour.

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