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  1. All Indian dental practitioners are eligible to take part in the contest. A minimum of 2 years of clinical experience will be required for participation.
  2. Participant registration form must be submitted no later than 7th of August 2021.
  3. There will be 3 challenges the 1st in the last Saturday of July, in September and in November. Each challenge will be separate in terms of the task given for the challenge.
  4. All applicants need to read the rules and criteria. Their application will be termed as their approval to the rules.
  5. Each challenge will involve 25 + challengers as deemed fit by the sponsoring company M&M. Selected challengers will receive a sample of Pronto and need to do a case as directed and submit the case done within 4 weeks.  M&M Reserves the right to final selection of challengers.
  6. All applicants will be benefitted as they can be part of the challenge and will be provided with gift voucher where they can save upto 1000 INR.   
  7. There will 3 prizes for every challenge with certification from Pulpdent.  There will be a grand Gold prize after the 3 challenges.
  8. In the interest of fairness, no dentist from the office of DentalReach or M&M Associates will participate.
  9. DentalReach and M&M Dental receives the copyright of the case, as soon as the case is sent in. It can be promoted nationally and internationally with due mention of the Dentist while respecting the patient’s identity.
  10. Due to data protection reasons the participant is obliged to obtain the “Patient Consent Form”. This form is not to be submitted but should be maintained by the dentist.
  11. The final case submission should be done before 10th of September 2021. You have a maximum of 4 weeks to submit atleast 1 case.
  12. Presentation language should be English.
  13. All cases must feature the Pulpdent Pronto restorative product.
  14. Only one picture for one description/step is permitted.
  15. Use of digital image editing software to change the content is not allowed.

Protocol of Challenge: 

  • Lecture with declaration of the task for the challenge – last Saturday of July.
  • 1 week for challengers to apply
  • 4 weeks to submit the case
  • Award selection in 6 weeks
  • Similar cycle will be for 2 more challenges, in September and November.


  1. Should be in practice for a minimum of 2 years.
  2. Should be well-versed in the use of composites in practice.
  3. Should be able to outline the advantage of a mineral enriched composite and make a difference to the patient.
  4. Photographs can be clicked using mobile / DSLR but must have clarity.
  5. Cases should include Anterior Functional Occlusion, where applicable.


  1. One syringe of Pulpdent Activa Pronto by M&M Dental Associates to all selected challengers along with complete information and training for the challenge.  It is deemed to be a mentored program which will greatly benefit the challenger.
  2. All the registrants will receive gift voucher irrespective of their selection for the challenge.
  3. Any queries regarding the use of product will be solved by mentors or a representative from M&M Dental Associates.
  4. The lecture video will be available throughout the challenge for reference.

PRIZE: Each challenge will have 1 Prize & 2 Appreciation Prizes.

The prize includes a certificate from Pulpdent, Products and benefits worth 5000+ and opportunity to showcase besides social media promotions worldwide. 

1 Grand Prize selected from all 3 challenges which will be a grand prize of Rs. 15,000 + and certificate from Pulpdent.  The Challenger will get recognition and appreciation and will be mentored to present to an international audience.

Challenge 1 – Class V – Click here for registration


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  1. Is there any certificate for this course please

    1. Yes, you will get a certificate from Pulpdent USA.

  2. Looking forward for wonderful session

    1. Thank you Dr Bhupesh.

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