Famous people that you don’t know were Dentists!

Of course, you can be famous among your folks just by being a dentist. But do you know that this noble profession of dentistry has captured the hearts and imaginations of some pretty well-known celebrities over the years?!

Check out this list of super famous people you didn’t know were dentists:

1.Doc Holliday-The Gunman!

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It wasn’t long after starting his practice that he came down with tuberculosis, the same disease that claimed his mother and brother. However, his dental career came to a screeching halt as the coughing spells from his disease began to scare patients away.

He then turned to a career in gambling. He began to train with a six-shooter After his first accounted gunfight on Jan. 2, 1875, when Doc and a local saloonkeeper had a disagreement that quickly turned violent, Doc became increasingly fearless and dangerous.

Doc was a nomadic creature, moving from one town to the next, staying only long enough to win some money at the table and put someone in their place.

2.Mark Spitz-The swim Champion!

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Long before there was Michael Phelps, there was Mark Spitz. Spitz’s Olympic victory made him a household name and a highly marketable sex symbol. A poster of him wearing nothing but a skimpy Speedo, seven gold medals and, of course, the mustache, sold over 1 million copies.

“I always wanted to be a dentist from the time I was in high school, and I was accepted to dental school in the spring of 1972,” Spitz told Time magazine in 2004. “I was planning to go, but after the Olympics, there were other opportunities. I did some television and speaking engagements, and things just went from there.”

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3.Zane Grey-The Novelist

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Considered the “Father of the Adult Western,” Zane Grey (1872–1939) was also the most successful American novelist of the 1920s. He wrote over 100 books and made the best-seller list every year from 1915 to 1924.

Grey won an athletic scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania Dental School and opened a practice in New York City. But he finally ended up making a great career as a writer.

4. GReeeeN – Rock-Star & Hip-Hop Dentists

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GReeeeN is a pop-,rock/hip hop/breakbeat vocal group that made its debut with Universal Music in 2007. This four all-male band has a logo image of teeth, appropriate since they are all dentists!

5.Sofía Margarita Vergara – Actor.

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Sofía Margarita Vergara was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. If you look at her dynamic personality, you are sure to think that she is destined to be in show business.

It just so happened that a production company was scouting talent for a TV ad and they needed a pretty girl. A striking 17-year-old high school senior caught their eye.

“I went to dental school, but I didn’t finish because I started getting opportunities for work,” Vergara said in an interview with the news and entertainment website The Daily Beast. “You have to decide every day, ‘Do I go to class or do I make money?’ Your priorities start changing.”

The upcoming celebs of dentistry:

1. Dr.Milad Shadrooh- The singing dentist!

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Dr Milad Shadrooh, otherwise known as The Singing Dentist is the Principal Dentist and owner of Chequers Dental in Basingstoke.

Dr Shadrooh is a huge hit on social media and he also has his own website and Youtube channel where he posts his latest tracks. His Facebook page has over 147,000 followers and he engages with his fans in dental banter and makes dentistry FUN.

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He uploads videos of himself singing hilarious dental-related parodies of popular songs to try to engage children in the importance of oral hygiene.

You can follow him on Instagram @singingdentist

2. Shelly Prashar -The celebrity dentist of India!

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Apart from being a certified cosmetologist and a Reiki grandmaster, she has been of the Mrs India Beauty Queen contest in 2014. She has received many other national and international awards including Influential Women Award2021 and National Iconic Women 2019.

She is a life coach and a social activist. She grooms divas for fashion shows and beauty pageants.Her motto is "to create million beautiful smiles and imparing smile to millions."

She is a Global Ambassador for LA Global Foundation and FIIT India mission. She is the celebrity dentist of India in a nutshell.

3. Pallavi Mahajan- The Poetess!

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Along with Dentistry, she is a known name in the spoken word circuit as a performer and a writer. She is famously known for her piece titled "Sukoon ki talaash mein" which was shared by one and all.

She has been covered by NDTV, scoopwhoop, Indian Women Blog and thetalentedindian. She has performed in various literature festivals including BSE lit fest, Sahitya aaj Tak, spoken fest 2019, feminist poetry festival by shethepeople.

She has worked in collaboration with 'Pramaa' in India fashion week, truly madly, unshaadi, pee safe (for menstrual hygiene awareness), the logical indian (for front line warriors in the pandemic).

She believes a dentist is an artist without doubt and she is blessed to have the gift of words along with her knowledge of dentistry.

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4. Reecha S. Sugandh- The Diva!

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This Nagpur Based Dentist isn't just restricted to her city but is a renowned beauty as she has been the Winner of Panaache Mrs. India 2018. Dr. Sugandh is a celebrity host, an event manager, a poetess, a voiceover artist, a teacher, and a writer.

5. Ranjani Goshal and Saumo Ghoshal-The singing dentists!

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Dr. Soumo Ghoshal is a writer and has had the esteemed privilege of writing a song for legendary Maestro, Padma Vibhushan Iliyaraja.

Dr. Ranjani Ghoshal has lent her voice as a vocalist for soon to be released Tamil movie called Anugrahan. She has an M.A in Dance(Bharatnatyam) and completed her grade VI in piano from Trinity School of Music, London.

Together they have organized, hosted, and participated in many music and dance programs and now they perform to entertain their followers as The Singing Dentists.

What is your interest outside dentistry? Sports? Writing? Music?

Write to us at media@dentalreach.co and stand a chance to get featured.

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Dr Zainab Kasid
Dr Zainab A Rangwala completed graduation from GDC, Jamnagar She is practicing since 3 years. Avid reader and writer by passion.

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