A Prosthodontic February!

Editorial & Activity Report for DentalReach February 2021 issue

Prostho is love, prostho is madness! If you are a part of the Prostho fam, or are in love with this fantastic tertiary, rehabilitative field of dentistry, you will totally understand how these two words define the journey of a prostho enthusiast. You have to consider ten different things in one case, co-ordinate with the dental lab and his team, find a way between patient’s expectations and reality – yes, it is crazy – but the results can be satisfying, making you fall in love with prosthodontics even more!

If you can relate to this, then you are in for an absolute treat in this month’s Prosthodontics – Special issue.

Prostho Poster Contest

For starters, on the occasion of Prosthodontist’s Day (22nd January) celebrated in Asia,  DentalReach in association with Indian Prosthodontic Society (IPS), Bangalore Branch, invited our readers to submit their digital artwork or illustrations showcasing the essence of prosthodontics!

The best entries of this ‘Prostho-Art’ contest were a part of a special compilation and released on 22nd January 2021!

We were inundated with entries, and you can download the best posters from this campaign by clicking on this link – https://dentalreach.today/downloads/. I thank respected Dr Anand Krishna sir and my dear friend Dr Tazeen Raees for their support.

(Dr Anand Krishna G N is a prosthodontist & diplomate of the ICOI and IBP., currently serving as Secretary, the Indian Prosthodontic Society, Bangalore, India and the Founder of the Implant study Group, Founder Director of My Dental Plan Health Care Pvt Ltd & 3DENT DDS)

(Dr Tazeen Raees is a prosthodontist, currently serving as Chief Prosthodontist at Indian Dental Association (IDA) Head Office, Mumbai, India, and running a private practice & an online platform for dental education called ‘Dentrickstry’)

Prostho Articles

The line-up of Prostho articles this month is intriguing –

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1. How can you use the principles of prosthodontics for everyday dentistry? Find out how prosthetic dentistry is connected to each branch of dentistry and drive your treatment plans in the right direction by clicking here!

2. Did you ever think that LEGO® can be used for making a functional prosthetic hand? Well, not only is it possible, it’s already patented by Indian researcher & Prosthodontist Dr Vishnu Manohar! Read the entire story!

3. Behind every successful man, is a woman. Behind every successful dentist, is a technician! This article is dedicated to the side-lined heroes of dentistry!

4. Read top 10 historical and current fun facts about prosthodontics – love it or hate it, you cannot ignore it!!

5. What do you think of when someone says ‘dental prosthesis’? Dentures, crowns, bridges, implants? At the most, TMD splints, OSA appliances?

There’s one major prosthesis we always forget, which opens up an entire sub-specialty in dentistry – mouthguards and sports dentistry! Read the entire story here!

To take our Prostho exclusive month one step (rather, two steps) ahead, this month, DentalReach is digitally organizing & supporting two outstanding, prostho – specific, international conferences:

  1. The 13th Biennial Conference of the International Society of Maxillofacial Rehabilitation (ISMR), hosted by Indian Prosthodontic Society (IPS)
  2. The 1st International South Asian Society for Oral & Maxillofacial Implantology (SASOMI) Conference!

Click here for a report with all details!

Tiny Toothy Tales!

Flowing along the ongoing festive spirit , we are thrilled to announce our monthly comic series – Tiny Toothy Tales! The comic for this month is right here –

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Surprise! Alright, alright you just need to click once for enjoying this one –

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/dentalreach9/

Wishing you a prosthetically driven February from all of us at DentalReach! If you liked it, then share it!

Did you miss our special new year feature by DentalReach, the e-book Dental Marketing the 101 guide’ ? Click here to read it –


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