Issue 3: Advanced Orthodontics Fixed Functional Appliances

Explore the latest developments in orthodontic research with “Issue 3” of our journal. This issue delves into diverse topics pertinent to orthodontic treatment, presenting insightful studies conducted by esteemed researchers in the field.

Chapter Highlights:

Chapter 7: Corrosion Behavior of Self-ligating and Conventional Metal Brackets

Authors: Lúcio Henrique Esmeraldo Gurgel Maia, Hibemon Lopes Filho, Antonio Carlos de Oliveira Ruellas, Mônica Tine de Souza Aratijo, and DeImo Santiago Vaitsman

Delve into an investigation of the corrosion behavior exhibited by self-ligating and conventional metal brackets. This chapter sheds light on the material properties and longevity of orthodontic appliances, providing valuable insights for orthodontic practitioners and manufacturers alike.

Chapter 8: Color Stability of Ceramic Brackets Immersed in Potentially Staining Solutions

Authors: Bruna Coser Guignone, Ludimila Karsbergen Silva, Rodrigo Villamarim Soares, Emilio Akaki, Marcelo Coelho Goiato, Matheus Melo Pithon, and Dauro Douglas Oliveira

Gain insights into the color stability of ceramic brackets when exposed to various staining solutions. This research elucidates factors influencing the aesthetic durability of orthodontic appliances, offering valuable guidance for clinicians and patients seeking long-lasting treatment outcomes.

Chapter 9: Mechanical Properties of NiTi and CuNiTi Shape-memory Wires Used in Orthodontic Treatment – Part 1: Stress-strain Tests

Authors: Marco Abdo Gravina, Ione Helena Vieira Portella Brunharo, Cristiane Canavarro, Carlos Nelson Bias, and Carla Cardoso Abdo Quintao

Explore a comprehensive examination of the mechanical properties of NiTi and CuNiTi shape-memory wires through stress-strain testing. This chapter provides crucial insights into the behavior and performance of orthodontic wires, informing clinical decision-making and treatment planning processes.

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Stay Informed with Cutting-edge Orthodontic Research:

Issue 3 of our journal presents an array of research endeavors aimed at advancing orthodontic knowledge and practice. Stay abreast of the latest developments in the field by accessing this invaluable resource.

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