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Editorial for October 2020 – DRDCA Speaker Special Issue.

Thanks for downloading the DRDCA 2020 Speaker Special issue! I am sure by now, most of you have seen or heard about DRDCA 2020. So what is DRDCA 2020? There’s a sea of webinars and online conferences – should you register for this one?

This editorial is a special invitation for a one of its kind, one month-long digital dental conference – with scientific sessions, fun contests and digital specific awards! Get an overview of this DCI and IDA approved conference, after which you can decide for yourself if this event is worth your time.

Overview of DRDCA 2020 International

The DentalReach Dental Conference and Awards (DRDCA) 2020 International is an event where we are assembling the best of dentistry under one roof, on the DR digital platform in November, 2020. Our objective is to pave a way for dentists from all the specialties to interact and unveil the path for dynamic, modern dentistry.

Why should you be a part of it?

1. DRDCA 2020 is history in the making

This is the first time that the world will witness an event which is all of the below –

  • One month long
  • Purely digital
  • Purely dental
  • Scientific Sessions + Contests + Awards at one event
  • In real time (no recorded lectures, only live)
  • Approved by apex national bodies and state council
  • Largest engagement team and conference partners of dentists for a virtual dental event (60+)
  • Largest jury for a digital dental award show (25 Judges)
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DRDCA Organising Team and Conference Overview
DRDCA Partners and EC members

2. Approval from DCI, IDA and KSDC – with CDE points!

DRDCA in association with IDA, Bangalore and supported by DCI and KSDC.

We will begin the conference with the inauguration ceremony (31st October 2020, 4 PM IST onwards) at the hands of our respected Chief Guest, Dr Shivsharan Shetty, Member of the Dental Council of India (DCI) and our Guests of Honor Dr. Ranganath Venugopal, President, Karnataka State Council (KSDC) and Dr Sudarshan Sajjan, Hon Secretary, Indian Dental Association (IDA), Bangalore branch. We are grateful for their support and approval, granting registered DRDCA delegates a chance to upto 40 CDE points!

Schedule for the first and last day of DRDCA 2020

3. Scientific Sessions with a Global Flavour

This 1 month-long event will witness a wide range of knowledge sessions on all weekends and Thursdays of November. Since it is purely digital, you can watch lectures in the comfort of your home. We have curated speakers from all around the globe, who are experts in their field, presenting the latest in dentistry. DRDCA 2020 speakers are all highly coveted speakers from India, UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Egypt, Argentina, Poland, Uruguay, Cambodia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Saudi Arabia. They are speaking on a variety of clinical and futuristic topics, covering the entire umbrella of dentistry. Each and every session will be live, in real time and concluded with a Live Q n A session where delegates get an opportunity to ask questions and get their doubts solved directly with the speakers. You can read articles written by these speakers in this month’s DRDCA Speaker Special Issue, mentioned in the highlights at the end of this editorial.

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Scientific Schedule. All sessions are 1 hour each, unless stated. All golden sessions are Thursday sessions.
Scientific Schedule. All sessions are 1 hour each, unless stated. All golden sessions are Thursday sessions.

4. Contests – Dental, Creative & Cultural

We have planned contests and competitions for the participants to keep up the unique festive spirit of the conference. For this, we have partnered with popular dental communities, beyond our own. Delegates can share their dental, creative and cultural talents with the world by participating in these contests and winning exciting prizes. All submissions are online and easy. Please note that –

  1. Last date of submission is 31st October 2020.
  2. You can participate in multiple contests.
List of Contests & Contest Partners for DRDCA 2020

For more details about contests, rules and submission –

Click – Download- Sign up – Search for DRDCA- Enter event-Click on the contests of your choice!

5. Digital Awards for Digital – Specific Categories

As a part of the conference, we will be recognizing and awarding talented individuals in our contemporary, digital-specific award categories. For this, we have partnered with popular dental communities, beyond our own. All submissions are online and easy. Please note that –

  1. Last date of submission is 31st October 2020.
  2. You can participate in multiple categories.
Digital Award Categories & Award Partners for DRDCA 2020

For more details about award categories, rules and submission –

Click – Download- Sign up -Search for DRDCA- Enter event – Click on the awards section and category!

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6. Award Show – with live DJ!

We will end the conference with our Award Show on 29th November 2020, 4 PM IST onwards where contest winners and digital award winners will be awarded in the presence of our esteemed judges and jury. The winning entries of all contests and award categories will be broadcasted for the audience and winners will be invited for a live performance. The names of the winners and winning entries will also be published in the DentalReach digital magazine. This will be followed by live music by DJ Roy and DJ Nox! Invite our friends over for a house party while we provide you with the perfect party music!

DJ Night after the Award Show

7. Free Registration and e-Certification

For DRDCA 2020 participation/certification, it is compulsory to register & install the DRDCA App. The registration is super easy, fast and at absolutely no charges!

All you have to do is –

Click – Download- Sign up -Search for DRDCA- Enter event! Registration complete!

Steps for Registration for DRDCA 2020

8. Exciting features of the DRDCA app for Registration and Certification

  • DRDCA app contains all information regarding scientific schedules, speaker information, abstracts, links for live lectures, all contests and award rules, and regulations.
  • With the DRDCA app, you can preselect lectures and contests of your interest.
  • You will automatically get notifications and reminders for each lecture/activity.
  • Once over, recording of all lectures will be saved in the app and you can watch them later!
  • All contest entries with #drdca2020 can be viewed in the Feed section of the app.
  • Any event, update, changes, live will be reflected in the app with notifications.
  • You can network with other delegates and chat with them within the app.
  • All your details for certification will be stored in the app.

What do you think? Will you register for DRDCA 2020? Please let me know in the comments below!

For any queries on registration and certification, please contact Dr Reecha Sugandh or Dr Rockson Samuel. You can also email on

For any queries on scientific sessions, please contact Dr Pallavi Mahajan or Dr Nupur Shrirao. You can also email on

For any queries on contests and awards, please contact DrZainab Kasid or Dr Shelly Sharma. You can also email on or get in touch with the FB group co-ordinator.


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