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The Dental Council Of India issues guidelines to curb the menace of ragging in dental colleges.

DCI made it clear that it is the responsibility of the institutions to ensure that no ragging occurs in their insititution.

As per section 11.3 of ‘DCI Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Dental Colleges, 2009’, the authorities or management, especially the Head of all the dental institutes are responsible for avoiding any incidence of ragging and taking prompt and appropriate actions against the responsible person if any such incidence ever happens.

Furthermore. DCI has also instructed all the institutions to issue a strict advertisement against ragging through mediums such as signboards, pamphlets etc. This should be done both, before the commencement of new year as well as during the session.

DCI has also requested to issue booklets that contain information such as:

  • What constitutes ragging?
  • What are the punishable ingredients of ragging?
  • What would be the punishments and penalties for ragging?
  • Names and mobile numbers of the members of the Anti-Ragging Squad.
  • Anti-Ragging Helpline.
  • Contact numbers of Wardens and Deputy Wardens of both, boys and girls hostel.

All dental institutions are instructed to appoint one or more of their faculty members as the "Counsellor" for new and senior students to frequently coordinate the student batches about day-to-day issues and make them aware of their part in minimizing the ragging concern.

Additionally, all institutes are instructed to collect and submit anti-ragging agreements from all parents, legal guardians, and students (first through last year) enrolled in BDS, MDS, PG Diploma, Para Dental Courses, or any other program approved or recognized by DCI, online at www.antiragging.in and www.amanmovement.org.

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Every institute is also required to submit its report in a prescribed format (Annexure-II) to the Secretary, Dental Council of India, failure to which can lead to the imposition of one or combination of the following penalties:

11.4.1 To initiate the derecognition process against the institution under section 16A of the Dentists Act, 1948.

11.4.2 To reduce the admission capacity of the institution to the extent to which the Council deems fit.

11.4.3 To stop further admission in the institution till further orders.

11.4.4 To stop the renewal of permission in respect of UG/PG Dental Courses.

11.4.6 To post the information regarding penalties so imposed on the concerned institution on the website of DCI for the information of all concerned.

All the colleges are requested to upload the requisite information for the academic year 2022-23 on the DCI website by 31.10.2022 in the prescribed format. Failure to do so may lead to appropriate actions being taken by the hon’ble monitoring committee and their names will also be uploaded on the DCI website.

Source: dciindia.gov.in

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