Esthetic make-over of maxillary anteriors with bleaching and layered zirconia crowns – A case report
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Dr Surabhi Mahidhar

Dr Surabhi Mahidhar (Madanapalle, India) is a prosthodontist and implantologist. He has received his Fellowship and Mastership in Surgical and Prosthetic implantology (Bangalore). Dr Mahidhar is a former Professor at Shyamala Reddy DC, Bangalore, India and a private practitioner since 12 years. He has conducted many workshops and courses in prosthodontic procedures and is a recipient of multiple national dental awards. He is one of the coveted speakers at DRDCA 2020 International.


Teeth bleaching is a procedure of changing the shade of teeth to a better acceptable level. Layered zirconia crowns (zirconia crowns layered with ceramic) are given after the bleaching procedure to reinforce the strength and characterize the crowns for esthetics.

Case report

The patient reported to the clinic with discoloured teeth. On initial presentation of patient, there were no alarming symptoms and signs, except for a need of an esthetic makeover of the discoloured teeth (Image 1).

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Image 1


As seen in Image 1 & 2, teeth no.s 11,12,21 were discoloured. An old composite restoration was present in 12. There was a history of non- surgical root canal treatment (NS RCT) irt 11,12 and 21. No radiographic changes were seen. Gingival zeniths were different, and so were teeth inclinations.

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Image 2

Treatment plan

A step-wise treatment plan was formulated –

  1. Oral prophylaxis
  2. Teeth bleaching
  3. Mock up on cast
  4. Putty index
  5. Removal of old composite restoration
  6. Transfer into oral cavity
  7. CLP irt 12 and guided tooth preparation
  8. Temporization
  9. Retraction and impression
  10. Layered zirconia crowns with anterior guidance

1) Oral prophylaxis

Picture1 5d0270ddb871825419b35d4fe44a5629 800
Image 3

2) Teeth whitening

Picture1 81e01d71babe85998dec54be77d7af41 800
Image 4
Picture1 755f91084fc42ba16ef82c04829838e7 800
Image 5

3) Wax mock up on diagnostic cast

Picture1 00fb078990fe08c56cef2c56b3ebecd9 800
Image 6

4) Putty index

Picture1 8004862c249af8f9114f4ce7d436cdd3 800
Image 7

5) Transfer onto teeth with provisional material

Picture1 153ae750f663f2efbbe53b77f2a527f0 800
Image 8
Picture1 dd1d18209859efee176b29e5da620dbd 800
Image 9

6) Temporary guided tooth preparation and CLP irt 12

Picture1 2ee29e38d3e235cc9719f583d454765f 800
Image 10

7) Temporization

Picture1 8643618feff897b0b26ef21515733170 800
Image 11

8) Gingival retraction and impression after healing

Picture1 f9f6bc0978e5dd72f5e2b912169ba2a2 800
Image 12
Picture1 27ebfbb04eb31478746a1bbc86d7d5ff 800
Image 13

9) Bisque try in

Picture1 e8f19f6f06aba1592976ae2f9ed6294d 800
Image 14
Picture1 b0d724f3ae1857fef9e7fde8698a7f86 800
Image 15

10) Luting of layered zirconia crowns

Picture1 34235535ad878579a1bf1a9e92769790 800
Image 16

11) Before and After!

Picture1 41df30cf7e9a632fc72a7018a282aa9e 800
Image 17
Picture1 e6df2eb9e44f00e048b1e578d10392f4 800
Image 18

Zenith, inclination and shade correction are achieved with this protocol.


  1. Mock up is important to assess the final result before tooth preparation itself
  2. Oral prophylaxis and bleaching should be considered in any esthetic makeover case
  3. Guided tooth preparation is always helpful to achieve a conservative tooth preparation.
  4. Selection of material is important for restoration keeping esthetics and function in mind.

Dr Nupur Shrirao
Dr Nupur Shrirao is a consultant prosthodontist and a grammar Nazi! Besides dentistry, she enjoys giving stage performances and radio jockeying with All India Radio.

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