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Dentists offer the finest dental care, but it’s entrepreneurship that motivates them to make a difference in the world. Practicing dentistry and building a successful business helps expand dentists in diverse areas of their life. Entrepreneurship comes at great financial risk in order to achieve certain goals. Entrepreneurship needs be focus, competitive behaviour and the desire to thrive in challenging situations to excel under pressure. Entre­preneurism is an uncertain endeavour as success is not guaranteed.

Attitude is the hallmark of an entrepreneur. Curiosity, holistic knowledge and deeper understanding allow a business to be nimble and responsive to trends and market needs for greater success.

Establishing new offices requires additional effort to expand the reach of ones dental practice. Entrepreneurs also help and mentor new dentists toward learning newer skills for their career growth.

Personal knowledge and key personal factors before owning a business

  • Your interests and aptitude for a particular subject
  • Sound economic background helps in establishing oneself
  • Good networking skills with dental professionals and in general
  • A desire to keep ahead of the knowledge curve
  • Prompt resolution techniques and problem solving skills
  • Committed and persistent hard work to endure competition
  • Good communication skills with patients, especially with children and elderly

Entrepreneurs requires to build solid foundation by hiring good dental assistants and hygienists for a healthy learning work environment. Entrepreneurs need to improve their business by enrolling in management, business education and professional development programs to increase their efficiency. Dentists need to keep abreast their knowledge with dentistry journals and the latest research books.

Treatment Improvements

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Quality of dental practice has improved in the last few years. Only serious cases are now done under insentience followed by prescribed pain relievers. The treatment might start with normality and goes beyond abnormality. Dental procedures vary to treat critical cases in return for healthy smiles.

Although it is better to evaluate multiple options and plan for the future. Aspiring dentists must modify their personality to become successful future entrepreneurs. This could be made possible by believing in themselves. Benevolent mind has to be sharp to take practical approach with risk.

Real Data

Currently, 30,000-35,000 dental graduates pass out every year in India. Meanwhile, available jobs are dwindling. It is not possible to wait for increase in employment but it is feasible to start a business.

The main concern is to motivate the younger generation to become dental entrepreneurs. We hope to direct the budding dentists to start their business while practicing. There is no success without risk, so they have to bear risks.

Entrepreneurs are the leaders in making use of market opportunities by planning and management of resources. Processing the young minds to think ahead and beyond to explore new possibilities. Innovations are the hallmark of entrepreneurship. Recent discoveries help change dental practice on patients.

Dentists need to be innovators and creators in technology for inherent growth and development in dental segment.

Necessary Reactions

Budding dentists who wish to practice under government dental organisations as historical the provide stability. There are minimal risks and a secure future. Every dentist has their own working method; hence stability can be reached only by practicing in multiple environments. Dental graduates must seek such opportunities to pursue their career. Thinking out-of-the-box is the secret for successful entrepreneurship.

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Dr Rajashree studied in dental school, Ghaziabad, along with a certification course of Implants from Bioner, Spain.

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