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"Dentists Take on the Responsibility of Patient Education," Says Minister for Higher Education

Bengaluru – Dr MC Sudhakar, the Minister for Higher Education, highlighted the importance of dentists educating patients before performing basal implants. Speaking at the Global Conference on Basal Implantology and International Congress on Cortico-Basal Dental Implantology, Dr Sudhakar emphasized that patients now have easy access to information and are more aware of the costs involved in multiple implants.

Acknowledging the significant expenses associated with multiple implants, Dr Sudhakar stressed the need for dentists to be cautious and transparent in their communication with patients. He stated, "We must deliver what we promise to our patients with utmost care. Dentists understand the effort and pain involved, and it is our responsibility to educate patients about the treatment process."

Dr. Ranganath V, President of the Karnataka State Dental Council, also cautioned dentists about potential legal issues. He urged dentists to build trust with their patients before performing implants, emphasizing the importance of preventing legal complications.

During the event, three books authored by Dr Veerendra Kumar SC, Chairman of the Organising Committee, were released. Dr Jayakara SM, Vice Chancellor of Bangalore University, also addressed the gathering, highlighting the significance of continuous professional development in dentistry.

With patient awareness on the rise and the evolving landscape of dental treatments, the call for dentists to educate and empower patients becomes more crucial than ever.


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