The EFP responds creatively to ‘a tough year!

Despite these difficult pandemic circumstances, the EFP and its affiliated national societies of periodontology have risen to the challenge by adopting new forms of communication and offering support to periodontal practitioners and their patients.

“This has been a tough year. Uncertainty and doubt have plagued our practices, our classes, our lives – all badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Dr Struillou, EFP president 2020-21. “At the EFP, we have done our best to provide guidance and answers, and to serve our national societies and their members to the best of our abilities.”

Achievements and Campaigns:

  • In May 2020, the EFP published a safety protocol for dental clinics during the Covid-19 pandemic and launched a survey of periodontists and hygienists on how the virus was affecting their work.
  • In August they started the “ Back to common sense” campaign to encourage people to visit their dentists.
  • Gum Health Day 2020 became a virtual event as lockdown ruled out the outreach activities usually performed by the national societies. Nonetheless, the message of “Say NO to bleeding gums” was communicated effectively in Europe and elsewhere.
  • The big innovation of the year was the creation of EFP Perio Sessions, webinars featuring high-level presentations from leading scientists and clinicians.
  • EFP Perio Talks – conversations between periodontists on Instagram Live – were also launched.
  • They published Treatment of stage I-III periodontitis: the EFP S3-level Clinical Practice Guide, the first formal evidence-based guidelines for treating periodontitis.
  • Perio & Cardio campaign, an outreach initiative on periodontal and cardiovascular health was launched by the EFP in collaboration with the World Heart Federation and sponsored by Dentaid.
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Communication Success:

  • They launched a new-look EFP website, with a modern design and easier navigation. The website includes an expanded section for patients, the Oral Health & Gum Hub.
  • They have also successfully achieved expansion of the EFP’s activity and influence in social media.

The whole year at glance!

  • March: Video: ‘Let’s stop this virus!’
  • April: Virtual extraordinary general assembly.
  • April: Launch of EFP Perio Sessions webinars.
  • May: Safety protocols for dental practices and survey of periodontists and hygienists.
  • May: Gum Health Day goes online.
  • July: Live Perio Talks launched on Instagram.
  • August: EFP urges dental patients not to neglect treatment.
  • August: EuroPerio10 postponed until 2022.
  • September: Online student symposium focused on clinical practice guidelines.
  • October: Postponed general assembly held online.
  • November: EFP Virtual launched with a new season of Perio Sessions.
  • February 2021: JCP study shows that periodontitis is linked to Covid-19 complications.
  • March 2021: New EuroPerio10 date announced supported by online education.
  • March 2021: Results of Covid-19 survey published.
  • March 2021:General assembly held online.

Finally, new EFP president Lior Shapira outlines his vision for the next year during which the federation will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Looking ahead, he says: “My vision is to keep the EFP as the influential driving force of periodontology globally.”

He promises that it will be a “return to normal” year and calls for greater collaboration between periodontists and family doctors and for boosting the influence of women periodontists.

Download the complete review here: Link

Source: European Federation of Periodontology.

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