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Tragic Incident Unfolds in Hyderabad: Man’s Death Following Routine Dental Procedure Raises Questions

Hyderabad— Laxmi Narayan Vinjan (28), filled with excitement about his impending marriage, sought to enhance his smile through dental procedures. Tragically, a routine visit to FMS International Dental Centre at Jubilee Hills on February 16 turned fatal, leaving the family in shock and prompting a detailed investigation.

Chronology of Events on Fatal Day

Dr. Rama Krishna Reddy, the maxillofacial surgeon overseeing the procedure, provided a comprehensive account of the events leading up to the tragedy. CCTV cameras at the clinic documented the proceedings on February 16.

Following a prior consultation on January 30, Laxmi Narayan arrived at the clinic at 2:30 pm for his dental procedures. Dr. Reddy clarified that the patient had no comorbid conditions and was not taking any specific medication. The elective procedure commenced at 3:30 pm, aiming to address the patient’s desire to change and properly fix his lower front teeth dentures before his marriage.

Procedure Details

The initial step involved cutting down the existing dental bridge to assess the condition of the patient’s natural teeth. No anesthesia was required for this, and the patient was reportedly fine and communicative.

Local anesthesia through infiltration was administered for adjusting the tooth structure, with a total of 0.6 ml given. The subsequent crown lengthening procedure involved an additional 0.5 ml of anesthesia, smoothly conducted with normal patient communication.

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Onset of Problems

Following the crown lengthening, the patient complained of slight pain, a normal post-dental procedure occurrence. At around 7:15 pm, he was given a painkiller mixed in water, and complications arose. The patient experienced nausea, stomach cramps, and an inability to stand. Seizures ensued, prompting immediate attention.

Medical interventions included antacid and anti-allergy tablets, both of which the patient couldn’t ingest. Severe complications emerged, with the patient folding his hands and legs. Doctors initiated life-saving measures, including administering a steroid injection and performing CPR.

An ambulance was summoned, arriving in 15 to 20 minutes, equipped with oxygen and continuing CPR. Despite efforts, Laxmi Narayan Vinjan did not respond at Apollo Hospital’s Emergency Room, Jubilee Hills.

Dr. Rama Krishna Reddy, noting the absence of negligence in the dental center’s part, highlighted the patient’s anxiety, potentially related to upcoming family events. The cause of his sudden death remains unclear, and further investigation by expert doctors is anticipated.


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