World record attempt for oral rinsing at one location by Lions Club of Avadi cover

World record attempt for oral rinsing at one location by Lions Club of Avadi

Chennai, India – Oral hygiene is crucial for overall health and well-being. Oil pulling, a traditional practice for oral care, has been widely accepted for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. However, with the advent of modern formulation science, user-friendly oral care products like oral rinses and throat gargles have become an important development.

The acidic conditions of the mouth due to diet, consumption of coffee, tea, cola drinks, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, and other habits like smoking and pan-gutka can cause stress on gums, teeth, and other structures of the oral cavity. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recently published data showing that there are more than 10 crore diabetics and 13 crore prediabetics in India. Dry mouth and burning mouth syndrome associated with hyposalivation resulting from diabetes and medication side-effects can increase vulnerability to gum disease and dental caries. Therefore, oral care becomes a priority as it has many consequences, including systemic infection and inability to consume nutritious food, besides morbidity.

India has the largest population of elderly people, and issues related to edentulism are common among them. Improper oral hygiene, including in denture wearers, can lead to life-threatening fungal Candida infection. This is where oral care practices like oral rinses become mandatory, especially in the case of the elderly and denture wearers, as a protective measure.

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Oral rinse and throat gargle are scientifically proven methods of maintaining good oral hygiene. Although people are aware of oral care through toothpaste, the general public is not very clear about the benefits of oral rinse and throat gargle. To make people aware of the importance of oral hygiene through oral rinsing or the use of mouthwash, the Lions Club of Avadi has taken a pioneering step in attempting a world record for the most number of people using mouthwash simultaneously at a single venue on June 15, 2023. Freshclor oral rinse and throat gargle from Group Pharmaceuticals is a happy participant in this iconic event for promoting good oral health and overall health.

Daily oral rinsing should be given priority just like twice-a-day brushing. Oral rinsing should be done at least half an hour after brushing teeth for better oral care. The better the oral care, the better the overall health.

We congratulate the Lions Club of Avadi for undertaking a creative, innovative, and scientific approach to improve health outcomes in our nation. The world record with oral rinsing initiative of the Lions Club of Avadi will be a role model that creates a multiplier effect on similar organizations to plan many more healthcare campaigns in the future.

About Lions Club of Avadi

The Lions Club of Avadi is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the community through various humanitarian activities. For over three decades, they have been actively involved in community service projects such as providing education, medical aid, and disaster relief. They work towards empowering the underprivileged sections of society and making a positive impact on society.

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About Group Pharmaceuticals

Group Pharmaceuticals is a leading Indian pharmaceutical company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of quality medicines, dental and healthcare products. They are committed to creating innovative products that meet the requirements of patients and healthcare professionals around the world.


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