In the dynamic landscape of Indian dentistry, the year 2024 holds promise and innovation with the collaborative force of Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) and Abhaya. This powerful duo is not just addressing prevalent oral health issues but is also set to redefine the way dentistry operates in India, bringing forth a revolutionary era of comprehensive and accessible oral healthcare.

Current Oral Health Scenario: A Glimpse into the Challenge

India, a nation teeming with diversity and vitality, faces substantial oral health challenges. Recent data reveals that a staggering 95% of adults in the country grapple with gingivitis, while close to 50% have untreated dental caries. Alarmingly, only 20% of the population makes regular visits to dentists, indicating a gap in oral healthcare awareness and accessibility.

ABHA & Abhaya: Pioneering Change in Dentistry

In this challenging landscape, the synergy between Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) and Abhaya emerges as a beacon of change. ABHA, with its unique 14-digit identifier, and Abhaya’s certified dental clinics collectively strive to revolutionize oral healthcare accessibility, quality, and affordability in India.

ABHA: Bridging Gaps in Oral Healthcare

Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) introduces a novel digital solution to bridge gaps in oral healthcare. With its unique 14-digit identifier, ABHA is poised to transform the management and accessibility of oral health data across the nation. This digital framework offers dentists a comprehensive platform to streamline patient care, enhance diagnostics, and contribute to a more connected healthcare ecosystem.

ABDM – Ayushmann Bharat Digital Mission

What are its Benefits?

There are many benefits of the ABHA Card. Some of them are listed below:-

  • You will have full access to all your health checkup reports, medical records, your diagnoses, and prescriptions on one platform.
  • Since all your documents and records are available on one platform, this will help you claim health insurance benefits and buy health insurance online.
  • The ABHA Card will help you keep your health records in one place, even if you migrate to a different city or state.
  • It also gives you access to all the doctors and all private and government medical facilities available all over the country. For this, you have full access to Healthcare Professional Registry (HPR) and Health Facility Registry (HFR).
  • It also valid for Ayurvedic, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy treatments as well.
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Documents Required

The majority of online registrations for ABHA membership do not need the submission of any physical documents. To create your ABHA ID, you may need to provide the following documents such as:

  • Mobile phone number
  • AADHAR card number
  • PAN number, and
  • The number on the driving licence (only for generating an enrollment number)

How Can You Apply for Your ABHA Card?

The Ayushman Bharat health account has been launched by the government to make your life easier. To generate your personal ABHA Card, you can use your AADHAR card, driving licence, PAN card and your mobile number.

Link to apply – https://abha.abdm.gov.in/abha/v3/

Using AADHAR Card

You may apply for this plan by following the instructions listed below to get all of its advantages. (This one is done by using your AADHAR card.)

Step 1:

Visit the ABHA website to start the process.

Step 2:

Tap the icon that says ‘Create your ABHA now’.

Step 3:

In the next step, you can click on ‘Generate via Aadhar’.

Step 4:

You need to enter your AADHAR number or use your virtual ID.

Step 5:

Scroll down the webpage to find the ‘I Agree’ option.

Step 6:

Fill the Captcha that appears and then click ‘Submit’.

Step 7:

Now, enter the mobile number that you use frequently. Click ‘Submit’.

Step 8:

You will receive an OTP on the number that you have entered and click on ‘Submit’.

Step 9:

All the information you have filled with your AADHAR details will appear. You can proofread all of it. Tap the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 10:

You will also get an option to create an ABHA address, which is similar to your email ID.

Step 11:

After you complete all these steps, you can download your ABHA card.

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Using Driving licence

You may follow the instructions mentioned below to generate your card using a Driving licence.

Step 1:

Select the option “Create ID” on visiting the official website

Step 2:

Choose “Generate ID using Driving License” and enter the necessary information in the pop-up box

Step 3:

Note your enrollment number after clicking “Submit”

Step 4:

To get your NDHM card, go to a local institution that is registered.

Using Mobile Number

Follow the following steps to generate your card without using any identity card.

Step 1:

Go to the website and select the “Generate ID” option.

Step 2:

Click the link that says “Click here” under “If you don’t have any IDs or do not want to utilise your IDs to create ABHA”

Step 3:

To create an OTP, enter your phone number. Enter OTP after receiving

Step 4:

Choose a username and password before entering your personal information

Step 5:

Use the new ID and password to get into the account and enter your address information

Step 6:

Your digital ABHA Address (Health ID) card may be downloaded and saved for later use.

Abhaya: Empowering Women’s Oral Health

Abhaya, an integral part of this transformative duo, is committed to lighting up every woman’s smile in India. The Abhaya centers, certified dental clinics, play a crucial role in offering counseling, behavior therapy, and self-help materials. Moreover, these clinics provide educational data cards, forming a robust support system for women navigating changes in oral health during hormonal fluctuations.

IDA and Group Pharmaceuticals: A Unified Mission for Women’s Oral Health

In a groundbreaking initiative, IDA and Group Pharmaceuticals have joined forces in a mission to illuminate and safeguard every woman’s smile in India. This partnership extends beyond traditional dental care, recognizing the unique needs and challenges that women may face in maintaining optimal oral health.

Abhaya Centers: A Haven for Women’s Oral Health

Central to this mission are the Abhaya Centers – Certified Dental Clinics designed to serve as sanctuaries for women’s oral health. These centers go beyond routine dental services; they provide a comprehensive range of support, including counseling, behavior therapy, and the dissemination of self-help materials and educational data cards.

For registration – https://abhaya.ida.org.in/Abhaya/Registration/centre

How Dentists Can Enroll: Unlocking the Potential

Dentists across the nation have a golden opportunity to actively participate in this transformative initiative. The enrollment process for ABHA is user-friendly, ensuring a seamless registration experience. By becoming a part of the ABHA network, dentists gain access to a vast pool of patient data, fostering a more connected and efficient healthcare ecosystem.

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For Abhaya, dentists can enrol on the above mentioned link and choose the package they wish to enrol under : Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Monetary Benefits via Incentives from ABHA for Dentists

The ABHA framework introduces a revolutionary incentive system for dentists, unlocking new avenues for professional growth and financial rewards. Dentists actively participating in the program can enjoy monetary benefits tied to various aspects, including:

  1. Increased Patient Engagement: Leveraging ABHA’s digital tools for communication and education can significantly boost patient engagement. Enhanced patient interaction contributes to improved oral health outcomes and, consequently, higher incentives.
  2. Efficient Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: Utilizing state-of-the-art Electronic Health Record (EHR) software integrated with ABHA, dentists achieve precise diagnosis and superior treatment planning. This seamless collaboration enhances patient care, instills trust, and boosts incentive earnings for dentists. By embracing ABHA-supported EHR software, dentists take a significant stride toward a more efficient and connected healthcare ecosystem, ensuring optimal oral health outcomes.
  3. Contribution to Public Health Initiatives: Dentists actively contributing to government-led oral health initiatives, facilitated through ABHA, can unlock additional incentives. This aligns with the overarching goal of enhancing oral health outcomes for the entire population.

FAQs for Digital Health Incentive Scheme (DHIS) – https://abdm.gov.in/DHIS/faqs

Incentive Calculator – https://abdm.gov.in/DHIS/incentive-calculator

Benefits from Abhaya for Dentists

The gender specific oral health concerns must be addressed by dentists at Abhaya Centre so as to provide quality oral health care. These Centers will provide a healthy environment for women to interact with the dental health specialists and eliminate women oral health issues and raises the wellbeing.

  • Time spent with the patient in the waiting room or in the treatment area can be utilized for patient education by running educational videos.
  • The increased frequency and regularity of patient’s visits in dental clinic can prove valuable for intervention education and motivation, thereby increasing walk-ins and consultations.
  • Abhaya Centres can incorporate periodontal care with obstetric management to improve pregnancy outcomes and overall periodontal health in women. Intercommunication between medical and dental professionals may provide better quality health-care services.
  • Abhaya Centres creates a unique opportunity to educate women throughout their lifespan, from puberty to menopause, about the importance of good oral hygiene and undergoing dental care services throughout life at your clinic, ensuring patient engagement.

Conclusion: Seizing the Future of Dentistry

As the dental community in India anticipates a transformative 2024, the synergistic force of ABHA and Abhaya stands at the forefront. This unprecedented opportunity for dentists to enroll, contribute, and benefit is a game-changer. With a projected CAGR of 16-20% over the next five years and over 4 crore health records of citizens digitized and linked with their Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) numbers under Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM), ABHA are set to revolutionize dentistry, paving the way for a healthier, more vibrant India.

Dentists, the future beckons, and the path to enrollment and monetary benefits through ABHA & Abhaya awaits. Seize this opportunity to be an integral part of the digital healthcare revolution, shaping a healthier future – one confident and radiant smile at a time!


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