Dental Duo Turned Weekend Bakers- No Dream Is Too Small!

Dr Sanchit Mahajan and Dr. Sakshi Sachdeva from the Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangaluru have turned into Weekend BAKERS creating Yummy Cheesecakes.

Lockdown turned out to be an opportunity for some people to launch a business that they always dreamed about. The months-long lockdown has turned most of the amateur cooks into nearly-perfect chefs.

Dr. Sanchit and Dr. Sakshi, the two of them hailing from Delhi were stuck in Mangaluru, and being foodies by heart, they specialized in baking classic New York-style cheesecakes. Dr Sanchit Mahajan, a postgraduate oral and maxillofacial surgery student says, ” Two years back, me and my colleague Dr.Sakshi started an Instagram page called DrGlutton- a combination of our profession and their love for traveling and experimenting with food. We used to upload pictures of whatever we ate that could be an exotic dish or a simple home-cooked dish. The home-cooked food was followed by a recipe. “

Dr. Sanchit joined by Dr. Sakshi Sachdeva, an orthodontist, the duo started experimenting on cheesecakes and finally got down to something that they really liked.
Dr. Sakshi said “The idea of baking cheesecakes struck when having a cheesecake at a restaurant. I felt we could try it out at home. Baking is therapeutic and it’s fun to bake with music on and just looking at the glistening cheesecake makes us happy. Our dream is to own a fine dine cheesecake bar. Cheesecakes are baked with love and this should be reflected not just on the cakes, but on the boxes too, “

The cake box comes with a handwritten logo by Dr. Sakshi who has always been into calligraphy. Adding Dr. Sanchit said, “We had eaten a lot of cheesecakes in Mangaluru. We thought that this is something that people will like and we decided to sell it to our friends first”.

“We bake cheesecakes at home on weekends and sell them. We take orders via WhatsApp or via Instagram We have an Instagram page by the name of Dr.Glutton where we review dishes from various restaurants and also post recipes of the dishes that we cook. We put updates about the weekend orders on every Thursday and the cheesecakes are available for order pickup by Sundays Right now we have two flavors – Classic New York Baked Cheesecake; and Caramel Cheesecake. Our Instagram name is Drglutton and Whatsapp No is 8217595206” said Dr. Sakshi.


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