Most of us are on social media. And as dentists, we are on Facebook and Instagram, either posting our cases or checking out someone else’s cases. Both can give one, acute anxiety. Why? Because for the one posting – everything has to be ‘perfect’ for people to hit the coveted “Like” button or worse, get bullied publicly by people they’ve never met. And for the one reading – Everything is too perfect!
Where were the struggles that the reader faces every single day? With the patient who doesn’t pay or doesn’t follow post op instructions or refuses to keep their mouth open? It makes the reader feel inadequate. Not upto the mark. Not good enough. A Social Media Complex. That many young, aspiring dentists end up experiencing, without realising. And they often end up feeling that they are the “only one”. Coz everyone else seems to have attained that divine level of perfection.
What they don’t realise is – those cases are tailor made for social media. Cherry picked. And represent only a fraction of the poster’s practice.
While protocols are neither bad nor wrong, it’s unrealistic to expect that we should be able to apply it to every single case and every single patient, in our practice.
What if we could combine both? Protocols based on sound principles of dentistry, along with a huge dose of reality? 😉
Enter the DR Clinical Series. Keeping it simple. Keeping it real.

Giving an insight into ‘Realistic Dentistry‘ is our first mentor – Dr. Deepa Ravichandran. Her clinical series is based on Restorative Dentistry, where she will be taking the viewers on a journey, chronicling the struggles of the operator chair side, to delivering the final end result, in “high ticket cases”. The series is aptly named as:

Right Bite: Harmony between Esthetics & Function!

1) Smile Rehab Strategies – Part 1

2) Smile Rehab Strategies – Part 2

What makes or breaks that smile curve? How do we convert “high ticket” smile transformation cases in our practice?

3) Deprogrammers – Using What We Have!

How do we overcome patient compliance wrt an extra appliance and yet deprogram them? Not to mention do away with the added cost of that “extra” appliance which often is, a source of friction between us and the patient.

4) Selective FMR – Is that even possible?

FMR’s are known to break the bank and are one of the most difficult treatments to get converted in clinical practice. But what if I told you that FMR’s can be selective and conservative? Minimally Invasive Dentistry at its best?

5) Complex Occlusion – Let’s be Precise!

When the patient wants only “fixed” teeth, but are not a candidate for an FPD / implants, what do we do? Find out how Precision Attachments can be a great alternative as well as a great revenue generator.

6) Customising Occlusion & Trouble Shooting – When, Why, Where & How?

Sometimes we need to selectively customise the occlusion for patients. They could have a completely rotated premolar. Or an opposing crown which has invaded the inter – occlusal space of the present tooth. Where do you then get the space for crowning this one? How do you manage a skeletal Class 3 malocclusion? Answers to these and much more!


Dr. Deepa Ravichandran is a Prosthodontist in Navi Mumbai, where she has runs a successful private practice, under the helm of “Dental Park”. She has won awards at both State & National level, in her Master’s Program, for both Paper as well as Poster presentations. She has many publications in Indexed Journals, Guident, Famdent, JIDAT to name a few.
Presently, she is the:
  • Brand Ambassador & Moderator of DentalReach
  • Recipient of GOMHA Award for 2021 & 2022
  • Recipient of Doctor’s Choice Awards National & City Winner 2021
  • Mentor for Pulpdent Activa Pronto Challenge
  • Silver Winner in the Dental Diva’s Endo-Resto Contest 2021Contributing
  • Author in How To Conquer Dental School, a one of a kind novel, giving young undergraduates a unique perspective, in navigating the maze that is dental school.
Her forte lies in Full Mouth Rehabilitations, Smile Designing and restoring cases of Complex Occlusion, conservatively. She has received acknowledgement for the same from peers and patients alike.
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