Vaping Increases The Risk Of Dental Caries- A Study cover

According to findings published in a study by the School of Dental Medicine at Tufts University, people who vape have an increased risk of developing dental caries.

Karina Irusa, an assistant professor of comprehensive care and the paper's principal author, stated that "The full scope of the impacts on dental health, particularly on tooth decay, is still to a large extent unclear." At this point, all I'm attempting to do is bring attention to the issue.

The study, which is the first of its type, analyzed the data of 13,000 patients who were treated at dental clinics run by Tufts University between 2019 and 2022.

The findings demonstrated a statistically significant disparity between the people who used e-cigarettes and those in the control group for the prevalence of dental caries. Seventy-nine percent of the patients who vaped were at high risk of caries, whereas only sixty percent of the patients in the control group were at high risk.

Karina emphasizes the significance of considering that the statistics presented here are preliminary. "This is not conclusive proof in any way, shape, or form; but, people need to be aware of what we're experiencing."

When the sugary vaping liquid is aerosolized and breathed through the mouth, it adheres to teeth. This could be one explanation for this phenomenon.

As part of the patient's medical history, dental professionals should periodically inquire with patients about whether or not they use electronic cigarettes, as per a recommendation from Tufts University. The researchers suggest a "more rigorous caries management regimen" for patients who use vapes. This protocol could include prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste and fluoride rinse, in-office fluoride applications, and checks more frequently than twice a year.

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Dr Zainab Kasid
Dr.Zainab Rangwala completed her graduation from the Goverment Dental College,Jamnagar.. Practicing since 6 years, she has a keen interest in new advances in the field of health.She is currently the head of Media and PR in Dentalreach.

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