DRDDS Season 2 - Scientific Session Report

– Dr Sonal Yerpude

Celebrating Dentistry in Style – A dream, a memory!

Dental Reach Dental Divas season 2 was an amalgamation of two dental groups Dental Reach and Dental Divas aimed to bring together leading women academicians, researchers, and clinicians as keynote speakers to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of dentistry. It also provided a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered, and solutions adopted in the fields of dentistry.

Here is sneak peek into what unfolded in this 10 day long dental extravaganza which had:

  • 31 esteemed Dental Divas as speakers
  • 10 lovely Dental Divas as hosts
  • 857 Registered delegates from 16 countries and 171+ cities


Session summary:With the recent advancements and propagation of minimum interventions principles, it was explained how a laser may revolutionise various surgical & non-surgical aspects of dentistry.

Host & Moderator: Dental diva Dr Zeel Patel.

Our 1st speaker Dr Veena Desai Malhotra (Oral pathologist & Cosmetologist), in her topic ‘Introductions and Fundamentals of Dental Laser’, she described the fundamentals of lasers physics and tissue interaction and its use in dental procedures.

Our second speaker Dr Vinisha Pandey (Assoc Professor, Endodontist, Laser Specialist), in her topic ‘Clinical Applications of Dental laser’, she discussed clinical applications and how to incorporate lasers into clinical dental practice.

Our third speaker Dr Kinjal Shah (Endodontist and Esthetic dentist), in her presentation titled ‘Case Discussions on Clinical Uses of Lasers’ highlighted the various applications of lasers in a case discussion format, with an insight into certain experimental applications.


Lectures + Activities (Weekend Exclusive)

Session summary: This session was a step-by-step guidance on turning an idea into reality highlighting the solutions for the most common problems faced with an attempt to break the general myths related to conducting research and publications.

Host & Moderator: Dental diva Dr Nupur Shrirao

Exclusive: The session incorporated

  • a workshop on ‘How to interpret a scientific article’
  • a quiz on ‘10 problems in research planning.’

Our first speaker Dr Pragati Kaurani (Prosthodontist & Researcher) with her topic ‘Grants and Publication’ simplified the process by explaining the correct approach for applying for research grants and scientific writing for publication.

Our second speaker Dr Gargi Roy Goswami (Founding Director, IACDG KROYNAS Pvt. Ltd) simplified research planning in her topic titled ‘Research Planning in 10 Steps’ giving step-by-step guidance on transforming an idea on paper into an experimental research.

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Lectures + Celebrity Interviews (Weekend Exclusive)

Session summary: Sports Dentistry, an upcoming field which includes the prevention and management of athletic-related orofacial injuries and associated oral diseases was discussed in detail.

Host & Moderator: Dental diva Dr Sonal Yerpude

Exclusive: The session incorporated

  • lecture +demo
  • interviews with two honorable sports woman celebrity guests.

The lecture +demo was by speaker Dr Sneha Divekar (Sports dentist) discussing the role and scope of sports dentistry.

Our first guest was a former rugby player – Surabhi Date – A driven strength and conditioning professional for the past 10 years and member of the Indian Women Federation of India.

Our second guest was an enthusiastic dentist and the fastest lady super biker Dr Neharika Yadav – UNESCO brand ambassador; 2 times TEdX speaker; Factory Racer for Ducati Races at the JK tyre.


Session summary: Primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health needs for infants and children was discussed through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.

Host & Moderator: Dental diva Dr. Amina Sultan

Our first speaker Dr Kalpna Chaudhry (Prof and Head, Pediatric Dentistry, UDMRI, Dehradun) elaborated the topic ‘Why Pediatric Dentistry?’ speaking on the scope of pediatric dentistry?

Our second speaker Dr Premila Naidu (exclusive pediatric private practitioner) covered the topic ‘Little Humans in our Dental Clinic!’ emphasizing the management of child behaviour with empathy and concern.

Our third speaker Dr Divya Prahlad (MDS Pediatric Dentistry) covered the topic ‘Crooked Teeth in Children: To Wait or Treat’ providing an understanding of growing dental arches from deciduous to mixed dentition, helping dentists spot the unusual and plan the intervention.

Our fourth speaker Dr Priya Verma (Special Care Pediatric dentist), in her topic ‘Breaking Barriers in Special care dentistry gave tips to effectively manage patients with special health care needs in your practice.


Session summary: Complete dentures prosthodontics is the foundation of full mouth rehabilitation concept, while biomimetic prosthodontics equips the dental professionals to place effective and conservative indirect restorations. Both were discussed.

Host & Moderator: Dental diva Dr Tazeen Raees

Our first speaker Dr Smita Athavale (Consultant Prosthodontist, DMH, Pune) in her topic ‘The Lost Art of Complete Dentures’ emphasized that Complete dentures remains the treatment of choice in many edentulous cases and technique with proper material handling are key to successful treatment planning.

Our second speaker Dr Shivangi Gajwani Jain (MDS Prosthodontics) in her topic ‘Posterior Indirect Partial Restorations’ elaborated on biomimetics, explained how to choose and place prosthesis, including principles, concepts like DME & IDS, preparations & bonding protocols.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Session summary: It was discussed how there are several risk factors for periodontal disease, but periodontal surgical procedures have their own indications to achieve predictable success, even in complicated cases and implant cases.

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Host & Moderator: Dental diva Dr Jolly Sinha

Our first speaker Dr Ashvini Padhye (Prof &and Head, Periodontics, MGMDCH) in her topic ‘Decision Making for Optimal Implant Esthetics’ elaborated on important aspects of decision making in single tooth to full mouth rehabilitation with implants for optimal prognosis.

Our second speaker Dr Sagrika Shukla (MDS Periodontics) in her topic ‘Bone Regeneration with Stick BoneTM’ demonstrated how biomaterials like sticky bone (bone graft and PRF) can make the process of regeneration easy, especially in cases of large bony defects .

Our third speaker Dr Mohini Daultani (MDS Periodontics) , in her topic ‘Minor Periodontal Surgery: Basic and Beyond’ discussed all the indications, contraindications and different types of periodontal surgical procedures.


Session summary: The session discussed how the foundation of a quality practice can be laid by exceeding patient expectations consistently, incorporating marketing lessons from everyday life and adapting concept of pain free dentistry.

Host & Moderator: Dental diva Dr Shruti Goel.

Our first speaker Dr Harleen Sahni and ambience deleted (Private practitioner) , in her topic ‘Mother’s Business Attitude- MBA’ emphasized that a patient’s experience is enhanced by clinic staff and the success of practice depends on team building.

Our second speaker Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra (MDS, Prosthodontics; FICOI) in her topic ‘Pain-free Dentistry for Quality Practice’ covered the most important concept on pain management in dental offices through evidence based procedures.

Day 8 of DRDDS Season 2: ORAL SURGERY

Session summary: Over the years, dental surgeons are using botulinum toxin for the management of muscle-related dental disorders and peri-oral esthetic improvement; cleft and craniofacial anomalies in private practice form an imperative part of the management pyramid for an oral surgery. Both were discussed.

Host & Moderator: Dental diva Dr Apoorva Iyengar

Our first speaker Dr Sapna Vadera (Cranio-Maxillofacial & Facial Plastic Surgeon) in her topic ‘Botox: An Advancement in Dentistryelaborated peri-oral anatomy and treatment protocols for Botox use in various soft tissue neural skeletal and muscular anomalies.

Our second speaker Dr Niyati Balse (Oral, Maxillofacial & Cleft Surgeon) in her topic ‘Dentist’s Role in Cleft – Craniofacial Anomalies’ highlighted the role of general dentists and specialists in its management, including naso-alveolar molding, primary and secondary surgeries, obturators, endodontics, orthodontics, bone grafting, periodontal and prosthetic rehabilitation.


Lectures + Virtual Demos (Weekend Exclusive)

Session summary: It was discussed how to save natural tooth structure has been the motto of practicing dentists globally as are progressing towards minimally invasive dentistry.

Host & Moderator: Dental diva Dr Shelly Prashar

Exclusive: The session incorporated

  • lecture +demo by every speaker
  • full day marathon sessions

Our first speaker Dr Sanah Sayed (Esthetic Dentist) aimed at ‘Smile Designing: Documentation to Execution’, a roadmap to predictable esthetic results, training the dentist to deliver a customised smile.

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Our Second speaker Dr Varsha Rao (Restorative Dentist) in her topic ‘Diastema Closure: Direct and Indirect Methods’ emphasised on an important and complex aspect of smile design – diastema closure – and various methods to achieve it.

Our Third speaker Dr Dipti Barve Dave (MDS, Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics) in her topic ‘Management of Discoloured Teeth’ covered the mechanism of dicolouration and different conservative techniques for in office management of discoloured teeth.

Our fourth speaker Dr Rumpa Wig (Esthetic Dentist and President IAACD), in her topic ‘Where to go when restorations fail?’ with storytelling, unravelled the concept of smart dental materials by introducing new ‘Dynamic Composite’ – an active material designed to interact with living tissue and promote the health and function of teeth.

Our fifth speaker Dr Smita Kole (Restorative dentist) in her topic ‘Designing smiles using clear silicon index’ explained the concept of injection molding technique with a clear silicone index.

Our sixth speaker Dr Shail Jaggi (Micro-endodontist & Esthetic dentist) in her topic ‘Post Endo Restorations-Planning and Protocol’ discussed the whole concept of restorative dentistry after endodontic treatment and currents trends in non-invasive dentistry post endodontics.


Lectures + Virtual Demos (Weekend Exclusive)

Session summary: The aim of endodontic treatment is to clean, disinfect and achieve a proper seal, perfection in each step is the key was discussed.

Host & Moderator: Dental diva Dr Ashwini Pujari

Exclusive: The session incorporated

  • lecture +demo by every speaker
  • full day marathon sessions

Our first speaker Dr Pavana Kamath (Micro endodontist) in her topic ‘Micro-dentistry = Magnificent Dentistryemphasized that you can only treat what you see and focused on the clinical advantages of magnification in routine dentistry.

Our Second speaker Dr Niharika Jain (Micro-endodontist) in her topic ‘Endodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning’ emphasized the importance of various aspects of diagnostic procedures to arrive at proper differential diagnosis and differentiate between odontogenic and non-odontogenic pain. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Our third speaker today Dr Sagarik Muni (Endodontist) in her topic ‘Access to Success – Fundamentals of Access opening’ discussed how access cavity preparation is a crucial step for a successful root canal treatment and its long-term prognosis.

Our fourth speaker Dr Puja Singla (Restorative and cosmetic dentist) in her topic Irrigation in Endodonticssummarized the most used irrigants, their role in root canal therapy & various methods of increasing their efficiency along with techniques of 3D cleaning of root canal system.

Our fifth speaker Dr Garima Poddar (Endodontist) in her topic ‘7 crucial tips for splendid obturation’, she discussed & shared tips for making obturation a convenient, predictable & hassle-free procedure.

Our sixth speaker Dr Disha Gupta (General Dentist, Dubai) in her topic ‘Management of Calcified Canals and Retreatments’ shared her endodontic journey in management of calcified canals through instrumentation where calcific metamorphosis makes negotiation challenging.

To Conclude

The summit as big as DRDDS season 2 was not possible without a strong core team and support from all the speakers and delegates who made this event an enormous success. We learned a little, un-learned a little, but most importantly the aim of summit was to celebrate and appreciate the DIVAS in dentistry-in style!


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DRDDS Season 2 : Success Story

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