U.S. Food and Drug Administration greenlights Dr. Jonathan An’s revolutionary research

In a groundbreaking development, the FDA has granted approval to Dr. Jonathan An of UW’s Department of Oral Health Sciences to lead the inaugural study evaluating rapamycin in older adults with periodontal disease. Rapamycin, an FDA-approved drug renowned for its role in anti-aging (geroscience) research, will be investigated for its potential in improving oral health.

Targeting Aging with Rapamycin

Researchers have long demonstrated rapamycin’s ability to enhance the aging process in mice by inhibiting the mTOR pathway, which regulates nutrient sensing and cell growth. While human studies have used rapamycin and its derivatives, Dr. An’s approval marks the first FDA-approved study specifically focusing on rapamycin’s impact on oral health and periodontal disease.

Age-Related Periodontal Disease

With over 70% of adults over 65 affected by periodontal disease, Dr. An seeks to explore whether rapamycin, by targeting the aging process, can alter immune responses and improve treatment outcomes. The estimated cost of untreated periodontal disease in the U.S. is approximately $154 billion, making this study a significant step towards addressing a prevalent issue with no current cure.

Trailblazing Study Design

The study will involve intermittent rapamycin administration to adults over 50 with periodontal disease over an eight-week period. Following this, participants will undergo dental cleanings, contributing to the overall understanding of rapamycin’s effects on oral health.

Beyond Dentistry: Implications for Global Aging

Dr. An’s research goes beyond oral health, exploring rapamycin’s impact on systemic health, including blood tests to investigate its effects on markers for biological aging. The study’s potential extends to diseases correlated with age, such as heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

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Collaboration for Comprehensive Analysis

Working alongside UW School of Dentistry‘s Regional Clinical Dental Research Center leads, Dr. Doug Ramsay and Marilynn Rothen, Dr. An’s study is poised to make significant contributions to both dentistry and anti-aging research. This study holds the promise of changing the landscape of dentistry and positively impacting global aging.

For Further Details, Visit rapamycintrial.com.


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