How to Create A Perfect Personal Brand as A Dentist?

A successful person stands out from the crowd with a special glow in his eyes, a confident gait, and a wide smile of pleasure from realizing his own importance. He is heard and noticed by others, his opinion is valuable for the authority. For a dentist, being successful means having a large database of dedicated patients who unconditionally trust his professionalism and tell others about it. Painstaking work on a dental personal brand helps the doctor’s rapid growth in all respects.

Dental personal branding?

“What’s in my name for you”: personal brand as a trend

Many manufacturing companies are engaged in brand development, investing a lot of money in advertising and promoting their product. A dental personal brand in medicine is a novelty, a new postulate of successful trade in a service offered by a specific specialist. His popularity depends on what he will be in the eyes of people.

Branding vs. Marketing – What’s the Difference?

While these two terms are often used interchangeably, there is an important distinction. Marketing can be thought of as a set of individual tactics—a website, a blog, an advertisement—specific activities that are designed to get patients through the door. Branding is different. Branding is your identity, your message, and the emotional connection that patients have with the doctor. If marketing is the “how” to get patients into the practice, then brand identity is the “why” patients choose one dentist over another in the first place.

Branding is the foundation from which marketing tactics are implemented. Much is written about the various marketing tactics available to dentists today, but if there isn’t a solid branding strategy in place as a foundation, no amount of marketing will produce an effective return on investment. Here are 3 important steps dentists should take to create a solid brand for any dental practice:

Personal brand development is the norm, a modern trend, a necessity in a highly competitive environment. There are a huge number of dentists, but it is extremely difficult for them to stand out in the market, since there are not so many positioning strategies. But a single person is capable of gaining the trust and disposition of people. You just need to make your name “viral” in the audience that you consider the target for yourself.

If you try to remember the moment when you were rendered a good service, then people will come to mind first. Those specialists who worked on this service. When it comes to dentistry, the patient first of all remembers a specific doctor: his attitude, behavior, treatment, speech. Not the chair in which he sat, not the clean office in which he was received. An opinion about a service begins with a specialist, and only then spreads to the company.

Dental personal branding

However, simply providing quality services is not enough either. Studies have shown that the patient’s choice is overwhelmingly influenced by two factors: the doctor’s personal attitude and the recommendations of the close and distant circle. Warranty, price, installments, remoteness, promotions – all this is secondary. This proves once again that a good doctor can have a cult following in his city. One has only to bring the necessary information to their minds.

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Starting baggage

Working on a personal brand is working on a product. If there is no product or it is of questionable quality, no amount of advertising and investment will lead to good visible results. You need to deal with a personal brand only when you realize that you have manual skills, self-confidence as a doctor and you bring value to your patient.

The young doctor has only one thing in his head – teeth and everything connected with them. It’s too early for him to work on a name in a large-scale sense. First, you need to gain experience, get a full-fledged education, begin to conduct a clinical appointment, find and correct the first mistakes, gain experience, and only then you can think about the popularity and future heights.

The dentist does not have to have his own clinic. First of all, you need to be a good doctor. Give yourself at least a solid “4” mark, but continue to strive for the best. When you build your dental personal brand, your audience’s expectations will be very high. If at that moment there is not complete readiness, people will intuitively feel it.

A personal brand will allow you, first of all, to be structured, to understand where you want to go and what goals to achieve. There are certain techniques for identifying key points. You need to pass tests, study yourself, set goals correctly, discard everything that is not related to them and does not come from the inner content. Further, a promotion strategy is selected for this basis.


Three pillars of a personal brand

To become visible to the target audience, as understandable as possible and even close to other people, you need to work on yourself. It will bring into your life a completely new circle of acquaintances, patients of a different level and prosperity. A well-known name has a magical effect on others – it is transmitted from satisfied customers to all potential ones and is firmly associated with quality, and this process is controlled.

A personal brand always stands on three pillars:

  • recognition
  • love
  • trust.

You gain popularity only if they know and talk about you, love you and share your values, and you are trusted as a specialist. It is necessary to do a lot of work, to structure your life and message to society, so that the result is expected and as positive as possible.

For this you can use everything that is bestowed by modern realities: social networks, participation in events, appearance, fixing the most successful working moments, expressing personal opinions about various aspects of life and medicine. They should pay attention to you and remember so that for any dental needs, each person from the target audience remembers exactly your name.

The absolute beginner’s guide to branding your dental practice.


Selling social networks

The key to using social media to build your dental personal brand is to be there. The second is to realize that from the moment you start working, all pages are no longer personal. Everything about you as a brand becomes public. Therefore, any information that is published must strictly comply with the goals and expectations of the target audience, and you should be ready to talk about it.

There are pitfalls in social media. Here you can find a lot of information that, at a certain turn of events, will be used against you: a double interpretation of the message, the lack of an indicator of expertise, a lowering of the brand’s status in the eyes of the target audience. You need to be as careful and careful as possible when choosing topics and content.

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The corporate identity is carried over to the design of pages and covers. It is important to be present on all possible social networks and provide people with quality content. It should be interesting and useful for the audience, so that they enjoy watching your publications every day.

You can post about some books, news, movies, express your personal opinion – this is important for the brand. The main thing is that your opinion must meet the expectations of your target audience. All old and irrelevant information, low-quality records and photographs should be removed.

Before you shape your portrait and choose an avatar for your profile, you need to answer the question of what you should be in order to meet the expectations of your target audience. What does the perfect portrait of a dentist look like in her eyes? If the answer suits you, you need to strive for this presentation, if not, you will have to change the target audience.


The avatar should be a business portrait in an open pose, confident, well-dressed, with adequate lighting. Your appearance should show that you can be trusted.

When working on your personal brand, do professional photography. This will increase the status and value of publications, reaching interested people. More of such high-quality texts, videos and photos on your pages will result in more popularity and saleability of your brand!

It is necessary to create professional communities at all sites. They can be led by individuals who will pick up information, pictures and releases. But you should always make the expert opinion yourself. For publications, a content plan is required, taking into account the time at which the target audience is present on social networks. In addition, it is important to identify and emphasize her favorite network.

Dental Personal Branding: Know your customers!

In order for the target audience to feel warm emotions towards you, it is necessary to carry out a certain stabilization of the internal and external “I”. The preparation of a SWOT analysis will help in this – it will reveal information about who you are, who your audience is, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what are the risks on the path of developing your personal brand and how to minimize them.

Several studies are being carried out for this. One of them is to answer 10 questions about what is important to you, what you want to achieve, what you think is your strength, what the environment is like, how you look, how you evaluate your patients. Then 12 people should answer the same questions anonymously: 3 colleagues, 3 close friends, 3 people with whom they crossed paths 1-2 times in their life, and 3 patients.

One of the greats once said that if 3 people tell you that you are a horse, then it’s time to buy a saddle. At the first stage, it is necessary to correspond more to what others see in you, and gradually correct those qualities and the state of affairs that you want to change. The analysis will show you which starting point you are at.

Further goals are built. You are answering questions about who you see yourself in 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years. The next step is to identify the target audience and, possibly, include its change in the list of goals. It is important to understand that the patients’ favorite are those doctors who have some value, and not just treat teeth.

It is necessary to clarify what you can give them that will not be given by another doctor. For this, a list of 50 questions is provided, to which you first answer, then 10-15 patients. It contains several blocks of different topics: who are these people, where they live, how much they earn, what worries them, how they make a decision, what they want to change.

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Promotion on trust

Dental personal branding

You must be trusted as an expert to be considered the best. To do this, the society needs to show proof of regalia and your achievements. The simplest thing is to let your customers speak. Reviews can be on the website, in social networks, in the clinic itself. Take pictures of the results of your work and show them to everyone.

Mass media are a great tool for promoting a personal brand. Entries in magazines, newspapers, videos on television are magic for patients. You need to make a list of publications where you could publish, and contacts who could help with this. Once the publication has occurred, you need to capture the moment and share it on social networks. The level of trust in your expertise in the eyes of people will increase significantly.

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Personal brand is profitable

Dental personal branding

Dental personal branding

People-brands are opinion leaders, they set trends, cause waves of events, and actualize something. When you are considered a brand dentist, you have many patients and your services are more expensive than the market average. There is an opportunity to work less and earn more. You will not be afraid of crises and fluctuations in the medical services market, because you will not notice them.

The personal brand of a dentist is a powerful psychological tool that helps a person become happier. The feeling of happiness is greatly influenced by the attitude towards oneself. Working on a personal brand helps stabilize self-esteem. Behavior, image, communication skills are being corrected.

People-brands are always wildly attractive to other people because they exude genuine passion, integrity, and purposefulness. It is more pleasant and more interesting to deal with them than with those who have not made up their minds, have no inner balance and do not strive for anything.

It is in your power to raise your success to unimaginable heights and, possibly, become the best specialist in the world. You have control over it, because you are there. A person who deserves to be a brand.


So what is dental personal branding?

Here are a few thought-provoking questions that can help you define and improve your branding:

  • What does your practice stand for? What are you for and what are you against?
  • How do you communicate these values to your clients in a tangible, meaningful way?
  • How are you different from other dental businesses? How can you differentiate yourself from others as being unique?
  • Who is your ideal client and how can you improve the experience for them? What moments of truth could you improve by 1% (or more)?
  • How consistent is your branding? For example, does your website project a nirvana-like dental experience, whereas the reality is something much more basic?

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