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World Health Day | Did you know what’s the World Oral Health Day 2018-2020 theme? SAY AHH!

Health is a condition which reactively results from the body’s adaptation to changes in the surrounding environment and also response to stresses in order to maintain an internal equilibrium of balance known as homeostasis. The imbalance in health occurs due to lack of nutrients, as it does not release the required chemicals and also if diet lacks crucial nutrients. The body will not be able to make the right amount of chemicals. Therefore it affects the chemistry of body and results in mood disorders, depression and anxiety. Even in the brain, neurotransmitters release process takes action, lack of brain chemicals release affects the brain chemistry and leads to various disorders. The unhealthy mouth with improper oral hygiene affects the health of body. Good oral hygiene prevents gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay, keeping the teeth in a healthy status .

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a renowned agency and also member of development authority of United Nations, established in Geneva, Switzerland on 7th April 1948. WHO sponsors a global awareness of health which is celebrated as World Health Day every year on April 7th. Around the year 1948, the health assembly was held by WHO and decided to celebrate 7th April of each year, with effect from 1950, as World Health Day. According to the meeting discussion, outcome was to draw global attention toward health and it’s importance every year. WHO according to themes organizes campaigns and various activities related to health issues for public regionally, with local events. World Health Day is supported with media reports like such as global health council and acknowledged with various activities by both organisations of governmental and non-governmental bodies. The theme and slogan of World Health Day 2018 is universal health coverage, “Health for all”. Even oral health is considered one of the important aspect, since oral disease and infection caused by oral bacteria progressively leads to systemic diseases. The systemic effects the heart, lungs, bones, etc. like cardiovascular disease, pneumonia, diabetes complications, osteoporosis. World Oral Health Day is a global awareness campaign of oral health and its importance in our daily lives. The awareness about oral hygiene and the issues around healthy oral cavity, by government, health community as well as non governmental organisations  associate all together and contribute to achieve individuals mouth to be in a healthy state.

Is world oral health day is so important!!

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Nearly 90 percent of population, suffer from oral disease and the reason for the
cause may be due to various factors. The role of dental health community, various
health organisations, and government is set to give a platform for action to contribute
to public awareness about the oral hygiene and it’s practises. Many campaigns are
conducted with various events.

History of world oral health day:

It was an year long campaign and also launched by FDI world dental federation. The
campaign was mainly focused with intent of raising awareness about oral health and
it’s importance, and also prevention of oral diseases.
These campaigns have always been featured with a specific theme.
World Oral Health Day is recognised on September 12th to commemorate the
birth date of Dr. Charles Godon, founder of FDI. The campaign was actively conducted since 2013, since it wasn’t fully activated and also in order to avoid the conflicts the date was moved to 20th March 2013.
Actually 20th March is expressed and translated as 3/20 based on numerical basis
and henceforth 20th March was taken into consideration, it reflected on the following

In the oral cavity:

  1. An total of 20 natural teeth at the end of the life of individual senior citizens considered to be healthy
  2. Total of 20 baby teeth for children’s
  3. Total of 32 teeth and nil dental caries.

Themes of World Oral Health Day:

Healthy teeth for a healthy life – 2013
Brush for a healthy mouth – 2014
Smiles for life – 2015
It all starts here, Healthy mouth healthy body – 2016
Live mouth smart – 2017
Say Ahh: Think mouth, Think health – 2018

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World oral health day 2018-2020 theme? Say Ahh:

The ‘say Ahh theme’ is a three year campaign launched in 2018 beginning with subtheme “Think mouth, Think health”. The most common phrase used by general health doctors and dentists during check-up is “Say Ahh”. The most important significance of year 2018 theme is that our mouth is the reflection for overall health. The awareness of oral health and body health is very important since there is a strong relation between the both.The maintenance of oral health by keeping our mouth healthy empowers to keep the body in a healthy state and also enhances the quality of life.

The theme is based on 4 important messages:

  • Oral health is more important than a happy smile.
  • There is a hand in hand two way relationship for oral health and body health.
  • The oral health of mouth cannot be detached from the body.
  • The oral diseases contribute risk factors with body diseases also.

Celebration of World Oral Health Day | with ideas and various activities

World Oral Health Day focussed with the intent of spreading awareness by students, dental community, general health expert doctors to the public. Nearly 130 countries schedules and organise various campaigns with activities to promote the events.

  • Public awareness through workshops and seminars:

Students of dental community organises various seminars and workshops in order to educate about oral health and it’s practises by spreading knowledge about it to the general public.

  • Making creative banners and posters:

Students make creative and informative posters to contribute the benefits of oral health and how to practise it, showcasing them in offices, public places, schools, colleges, etc. The concerned institution of health community organises poster, banner creative contests about oral health and render by giving prizes to the top best posters or banners.

  • Activities which creates fun for children:
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Schools organises various activities for the wings of students by which through fun they learn and get educated about the teeth brushing and also ways of maintaining oral health like a skit about oral hygiene, enacting and reciting songs of tooth brushing, making creative clay stands for keeping toothbrushes.

  • Demonstration of tooth brushing:

Local dentists is invited to demonstrate techniques of brushing teeth and its importance to children and families.

  • Competition by slogan and speech:

Colleges and schools organise debates, speech and also slogans creating in order to spread the awareness and message of oral health and its importance.

World oral health day campaign ultimately focusses and aims to educate people for keeping a healthy mouth. Diseases with non communicable diseases and its risk factors to promote awareness of good oral hygiene and improve the quality of overall health. This indeed makes the individual to lead a life of healthy mouth healthy life. An overall campaign outcome by government, health community, Various non- governmental organisations etc. is dedicated with great effort for the healthier mouth for all and make the individuals free from diseases and succeed with overall wellbeing for better life.

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DISCLAIMER : “Views expressed above are the author’s own.”


  • Dr. Rashmi B j is a Dental surgeon, practicing in Bangalore from past 9 years, passionate in writing health article of dentistry as well as self - help topics and currently rendering service as a practitioner.

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Dr. Rashmi B j is a Dental surgeon, practicing in Bangalore from past 9 years, passionate in writing health article of dentistry as well as self - help topics and currently rendering service as a practitioner.

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