Time for an entertaining challenge ????

Tickle your brain to solve the dentistry crossword in our latest edition. All words are taken from the current articles of this month so KEEP CALM AND READ CAREFULLY!

Rules for solving crossword:

  • First read all the clues carefully. All the words are related to dentistry.
  • First attempt those clues which you are sure about. It will make guessing the other clues easier.
  • To answer the crossword from your mobile, click on the box with the respective clue number.
  • You will be automatically notified whether your answer is correct or not. Correct answer will turn green and wrong answer will turn red.
  • After you complete the whole crossword correctly, screenshot it and mail it to rockson@dentalreach.co
  • The first to mail the completed screenshot will be featured in the next edition of our magazine.

1. Principle action while using any elevator for extraction
2. Nothing can replace the natural but the
3. An agent that promotes retention of moisture in a dentifrice
4. Problem caused by tobacco in brain
5. Device used to eliminate muscle tension
6. Chin placed too far back in relation to rest of the facial skeleton
7. Most common mode of print – based education in digitalization era
8. Most popular form of tobacco smoking in India
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