DRDDS 2: Conference Report

– Dr Nupur Shrirao, Scientific Head & Dr Rockson Samuel, Conference & Creative Head, DRDDS 2

DentalReach Dental Divas Summit (DRDDS) Season 2 was the 2nd annual digital dental conference of two organisations, DentalReach and Dental Divas. With 857 registrations from 16 countries and 171+ cities, I can safely say the conference was an exceptional success this year! Here’s a detailed conference report –


DRDDS is a women-speaker specific conference, covering all aspects of general dentistry. It is aimed at private practitioners, UG & PG students and academicians.

DentalReach is a professional site and forum for dentists. DR concentrates its focus on academic and clinical growth of the dentist by regular webinars, conferences, podcasts, videos, articles and marketing services, providing digital assistance to national and international organisations for the same.

Dental Divas is an intimate group of women dentists, gathered to network and share resources – inspiring each other to revive old goals, make new ones and move towards them. Through learning, sharing and a celebration of womanhood, they aim at providing a holistic approach toward dentistry.


DRDDS is a mid year conference with a duration of 10 days. This year in 2021, we organised it between 04th-13th June 2021.


Let us face it – women tend to juggle more balls than men – careers, homes, families and society. This does not mean that men do not contribute to the field or have no struggles, but women face unique biological setbacks like menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause -and related complications- which are specific to this sex alone. In addition to this, amidst the gender based biases that most women are subjected to on a daily basis, if a few of them rise and shine and make a mark in our field, they deserve a slightly more warm pat-on-the-back. Appreciating such women achievers in dentistry is the motive of the conference.


DRDDS is a totally digital conference with live sessions and online trade booths. You can watch the conference on your mobile phones, tablets, laptops or PC, in the comfort of your home or clinic.


Scientific Sessions

The 10-day conference i.e, DRDDS 2 was divided into 10 different themes for a good session experience. Out of 10 days, 4 days were exclusive workshop sessions, namely Day 2, Day 3, Day 9 & Day 10. Each session had minimum 2 to maximum 4 lectures from fantastic woman speakers, moderated by an experiences session specific host. This year, we had a total of 31 keynote speakers, 2 celebrity guests, 10 hosts, 14 guest speakers (who shared 2 minute clinical tips) and 4 organising team members i.e a total of 58 women were a part of this conference backstage.

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Scientific Schedule Day 1- Day 4
Scientific Schedule Day 5- Day 8
Scientific Schedule Day 9 & Day 10

You can read the DRDDS 2 Scientific Report by Dr Sonal Yerpude by clicking here.

Sponsors & Trade Show

DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai was our academic partner. We had 7 event sponsors for this event who were given live online booths and free access to interact with all the delegates who registered. Most delegates made use of exclusive deals given by these companies only for DRDDS 2. The platform was open 24/7 for 10 days.

You can read the DRDDS 2 Sponsor Report by Dr Zainab Kasid by clicking here.

Live Attendance Report & Audience Feedback

Numbers talk more than words, here’s presenting some statistics of the conference:

Delegate registration details
Delegate activity – Session wise live attendance & trade show visitors

You can read the DRDDS 2 Success Story by Dr Ashwini Pujari by clicking here.

Speakers As Guest Contributors to DRDDS Mega Edition Issue

17 speakers contributed to this DRDDS Special Issue! Here’s the entire list with links:

  1. Dr Divya Prahlad – Post Covid, dangerous effects of the disease are now being seen in the oral cavity. As an oral physician, understand the difference between vigilance and panic! Read more by Dr Divya Prahlad???? – https://dentalreach.today/dental-news/effects-of-covid-on-oral-cavity-the-viral-webinar/
  2. Dr Sneha Divekar Sports dentistry is one of the most recent and upcoming field in dentistry, mainly including prevention & management of sport-related orofacial injuries. Read Part 1 discussing its importance and components by sports dentist Dr. Sneha Divekar!
  3. Dr Shivangi Gajwani Jain – We all do direct composites, but indirect composites is a relatively unexplored option, which helps the clinician overcome practical issues such as time management, difficulty in building the occlusal anatomy and tight proximal contacts, as explained by Prosthodontist Dr Shivangi Gajwani Jain in this case report.
  4. Dr Puja SinglaOnly an irrigant can remove an irritant! Every root canal system has spaces that cannot be cleaned mechanically. The only way we can clean isthmuses, deltas and anastomoses is through irrigation says restorative dentist, Dr Puja Singla.
  5. Dr Disha Gupta – Root canal treatments in calcified canals are always a challenge for the operating dentist. Read these 4 steps by Dr Disha Gupta (Dubai) & manage calcified canals with ease!
  6. Dr Harleen Sethi- The secret sauce – is knowing who's the boss! Read the 3 E's of making your dental team a dream team by dental clinic management expert Dr Harleen Sethi.
  7. Dr Veena Desai Malhotra Read answers to all the FAQs about mucormycosis, commonly called as 'black fungus', by oral pathologist Dr Veena Desai Malhotra in this elaborate article.
  8. Dr Premila Naidu Do you think a little devil has walked in when a pediatric patient enters your clinic? Change your approach and see him transform into an angel, as explained by pediatric dentist Dr. Premila Naidu.
  9. Dr Kalpna Chaudhry – The scare of Mucormycosis & Candidiasis has gripped us, but MIS-C is a serious syndrome seen in children post Covid infection that no-one is talking about. Dr Kalpna Chaudhry addresses the issue and explains all about it.
  10. Dr Smita Athavale – A geriatric patient is just like the setting sun – melancholic yet beautiful! Geriatric dentistry is an emerging speciality branch of dentistry and just like pediatric patients, must be handled with utmost care, as stressed upon by prosthodontist Dr Smita Athavale.
  11. Dr Gargi Roy Goswami –Planning a research study? Facing problems? Here are 10 steps to solve your research problems by scientist and researcher Dr Gargi Roy Goswami.
  12. Dr Priya Verma – Special health care dentist Dr Priya Verma tells us the heart warming story of Punchika – a special girl who made her life special too!
  13. Dr Mohini Daultani – Move over black fungus, white fungus is here! After mucormycosis, aspergillosis is now raising an alarm as a lethal sequel to Covid. Periodontist Dr Mohini Daultani answers all the FAQs about it.
  14. Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra- At the dentist, patients perceive pain before it even begins! Identify where a patient lies on the pain perception spectrum and manage accordingly for pain-free dentistry, writes prosthodontist & author, Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra.
  15. Dr Sanah Sayad – The first step of designing a good smile is to see through the patient's eyes! Learn the intricacies of this art from esthetic dentist Dr Sanah Sayad.
  16. Dr Garima Poddar Patnaik –Not all root canals run straight to one apex, and not all treatment protocols are the same! Each case in endodontics is unique if you have the ey for it, reports Dr Garima Poddar.
  17. Dr Pavana Kamath – Is the dental microscope a passing trend or a must-have? Investing in it is a personal choice but knowing everything about it can help you make that choice, as elaborated by endodontist Dr Pavana Kamath.
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The backstage gang of DRDDS submitted a report of different activities of the conference in detail. Everything you want to know about DRDDS is here:

  1. Dr Nupur Shrirao (DRDDS 2 Pre Conference Release) – The overview of the conference and scientific sessions is here! Dr Nupur Shrirao explains why the DentalReach Dental Divas Summit is a work of wonder, i.e, WOW!
  2. Dr Ashwini Pujari (DRDDS 2 Success Story) – Read the Success Story of the biggest women-speaker specific dental conference of 2021, the DRDDS 2, by the brains behind the summit, Dr Ashwini Pujari.
  3. Dr Zainab Kasid (DRDDS 2 Sponsor Report) – Our sponsors at DRDDS 2 supported us in delivering the best of experience to our delegates! Here's a small tribute of appreciation to our event sponsors by Media & PR Head, DRDDS 2, Dr Zainab Kasid.
  4. Dr Sonal Yerpude (DRDDS 2 Scientific Report) – Read the Scientific Report of the biggest women-speaker specific dental conference of 2021, the DRDDS 2, by dental diva Dr Sonal Yerpude
  5. Dr Nupur Shrirao & Dr Rockson Samuel (DRDDS 2 Conference Report)- Read the Conference Report of the biggest women-speaker specific dental conference of 2021, the DRDDS 2 – with the live attendance and feedback report – by Scientific Head, Dr Nupur Shrirao and Conference & Creative Head, DRDDS 2, Dr Rockson Samuel.

This mega edition has a total of 22 articles! We hope you enjoy this DRDDS Special Issue as much as you enjoyed the conference!

Message from the Conference Head Dr Rockson Samuel

This is what Dr Rockson Samuel, Conference & Creative Head DRDDS 2 and our beloved head honcho of DentalReach, has to say to all contributors and delegates of DRDDS 2 —

Quote from Dr Rockson Samuel
Warm regards from Organising Team, DRDDS 2!

You can check details of the last year’s conference, DRDDS 1 here- https://dentalreach.today/editorial/the-journey-of-women-in-dentistry/


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