End of the DRDCA 2020 tripartite!

Editorial for December 2020 -DRDCA 2020 Speaker Special 3

The October & November 2020 issues of DentalReach were DRDCA Speaker Specials and the December issue marks the end of the DRDCA 2020 tripartite series! This will be the last of the three issues dedicated to DRDCA 2020, and since the last is always special, we have published articles penned and won by you alongside those of speakers! This editor’s note and issue is to specially congratulate all the winners!

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DRDCA 2020 was a one-of-a-kind digital dental conference, where scientific sessions and contests were given equal weightage. The entries were collected pre-conference and shared during the conference to infuse a festive spirit into the serious scientific vibe, generally associated with all conferences. We divided the contests into two categories: Scientific & Cultural, consisting of 12 contests, and organized two Special Contests – one placed mid-conference at Diwali, and one placed at the very end, hence totaling to 14 contests – like I said, this was a never-seen-before kind of an event! We kept two or more judges to get rid of any bias or partiality, and all judges were closely related to the nature of that particular contest – either established or experienced enough to judge it! All this was headed by Dr Zainab Kasid, our young Chief of the Cultural Council, under the supervision of Dr Rockson Samuel, the Chief of all Councils and hosted by Dr Shelly Prashar.

Scientific Contests

The scientific contests comprised of 6 contests, and we were inundated with entries for this category! I would like to congratulate our winners for their remarkable entries and thank the jury for impartially deciding their value.

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Winners of Scientific Contests

Cultural Contests

The cultural contests comprised of 6 contests, and we were pleasantly surprised looking at your sheer talent! I would like to congratulate our winners for their outstanding performances and thank the jury for deciding their value with no bias.

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Winners of Cultural Contests

Special Contests

We organized two special contests, mid and post conference, which highlighted the grandiosity of the event. I congratulate these special winners, and may I say on the behalf of all of you, we are slightly jealous of you, Dr Raj!

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Winners of Mid-Conference Special Contest
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Winners of Post-Conference Special Lucky Draw Contest


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DRDCA 2020 Exclusive Certificates

All contest winners will receive a certificate of victory and exciting prizes, sponsored by our conference sponsors, who we are deeply indebted to! Some of you have already received them; for those who haven’t, please give the couriers at least 30 days to reach you.

Participation matters more than winning – the thrill of preparation, submission and the anticipation of waiting for that award show coupled with the disappointment of not winning – all imparts child-like emotions in a monotonous life! We urge the participants to keep doing what they are good at and take a break. All participants will get a certificate of participation too.

You can now download your certificate of attendance with 45 CDE points. Link for registered delegates of the #DRDCA2020 for Attendance Certificate with CDE points: https://dentalreach.co/drdca-ecertificate/

We are closing the portal soon, so please get yours now!


For those who missed the award show, superbly hosted by Dr Reecha Sugandh, or wish to see it again, it is still available on YouTube!

We would like to bow our heads in gratitude to all the admins of our collaboration groups, and Dr Mannu Mann who helped in organization – thank you for ensuring a good pre-preparation of the conference! We can never thank our global speakers enough for a knowledge filled month, expertly hosted by Dr Pallavi Mahajan. For details on the scientific sessions of DRDCA2020, please click here: https://dentalreach.today/editorial/the-scientific-festival-at-drdca-2020/

To get an overview of the entire conference that it was, please click here: https://dentalreach.today/editorial/come-lets-make-history-together-drdca-2020/

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All of us at DentalReach wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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