Letter of Gratitude

Dr Ashwini Pujari, General Dentist & Founder of Dental Divas

Dental Divas is a bouquet of gifted female dentists providing holistic approach toward dentistry through learning, sharing and a celebration of womanhood. We are an intimate group of women dentists, where we gather to network and share resources – inspiring each other to revive old goals, make new ones and move towards them. Our group has a general focus ‘empowerment in every aspect of our lives’.

Lockdown Learning – Digital Dental Summit 2020

We planned a series of clinically oriented short and focused webinars, in the form of a virtual conference, so that general dental practitioners and dental students can gain knowledge about dentistry through well known speakers from our group. The plan got executed well with great support from Dr Mannu who approached DentalReach professional site and forum for dentists for technical support and guidance regarding hosting an online conference, since they had already conducted a series of webinars related to dentistry.

Dates and topics were confirmed, speakers were finalised and thus started our journey!

This venture was named as ‘Digital Dental Summit 2020’ by DentalReach in association with Dental Divas. It was a 10 day long conference from 04th-15th May 2020 and it was a grand success!

DentalReach is a platform that helped us with

  • Strategy (advice, research, planning)
  • Design (UX design, visual design, concept)
  • Technology (development, infrastructure, data) and
  • Advertising (promotion, PR, marketing services)

A month of preparation was done prior to live digital dental summit. A special thank you to Dr Rockson Samuel and Dr Nupur Shrirao of DentalReach who assembled all the speakers’ bio, webinar topics and abstracts to make a customised website with beautiful promo videos and posters to kick start the Summit. We had training sessions and trials prior to live series of digital summit to familiarise us with the platform.

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DentalReach is changing the world of global dentistry by their technology and creativity. Congratulations to each member of the DR team for their excellent contributions and performance. We are really happy with the fantastic results! The project turned out to be a enormous success because of you all!

We whole-heartedly thank all the speakers of Digital Dental Summit 2020 for sharing their knowledge with us and guiding us. Love you all…keep inspiring!

A team’s success mainly depends on the perseverance of each member. Dental Divas and DentalReach made a good team. When the team works, the dream works!

Thank you once again, DentalReach!


  • Dr Ashwini Pujari is a General Dentist. Passionate Dental Practitioner in Endodontics. She is an Active member of Social organization INNER WHEEL, Computer savvy, Enterprener and Writer.

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