It is the first month of 2019, the new year! ‘New’ – if you scout a dictionary for this word, it gives us two meanings. One, ‘not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time’. We know this, don’t we? What makes things interesting is the official second meaning – ‘already existing but seen, experienced, or acquired recently or now for the first time’. This means a fresh start, a revised plan or an upgradation of what you already have since a long time– all can give you the same exhilaration and thrill that you experienced the first time that it happened. Whether it was the enthusiasm on getting your degree, the excitement at the opening of your clinic, the satisfaction of finding the perfect job – all the feelings can be revisited a second time with the same punch; it is only a matter of perspective.

A new year is the perfect opportunity for this revival! This can be done by reiterating and reinforcing what we already know, learning something we don’t know and learning from experiences and advices from some senior colleagues.

‘The  first time I truly helped a patient’ is a heart touching story by Dr Manish, stemming out of his own personal experience as a house surgeon in Bangalore. ‘My greatest role as a dentist’ urges us to never feel demotivated as there are many hidden good sides of dentistry and enlists them one by one. The month of December which went by, marked an important day for dentists. Indian Dental Association (IDA) had declared December 24 as a National Dentist Day back in 2016. But why so? A small informative write up, ‘National Dentist Daybriefs us about it. ‘Being Dentist’ describes the journey of Dr Ravi Hebballi, a maxillofacial surgeon by profession and a well known name in the field of dentistry. Dr Ravi also runs an organisation called Magicarpet which regularly organizes Wildlife and Photography tours to Kenya and Tanzania apart from various places in India. He will be writing regularly with us through a column on Photography and Wildlife and take you into a world of nature’s beauty and life!

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Innovation with time is the process which is going on since the early days of humankind on this planet. In recent years most popular innovation is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation – i.e. LASERS! ‘A magical innovation – laser applications in periodontics’, as the title suggests, talks about exactly that – types, applications, effects and disadvantages of this magical beam of light.

The dental practice has grown at an exponential speed in the past decade and competition is increasing between individual dentists. The advantage of creating a competitive edge is very difficult in the current scenario where patients go ‘clinic window shopping’! ‘How to run a competitive free dental practice’ gives us a few ideas to follow through and gain a competitive edge in dental practice. Another profession where there is literally cut throat competition is politics! As we gear up for elections this year, don’t miss out on this very interesting article, ‘Three things dentists  can learn from politiciansand take inspiration from our netas for the right reasons and benefits!

Dental school teaches us about the theoretical and clinical aspects of dentistry. It provides no knowledge about financial aspects of running a business. A late start of work life because of a long and arduous training period and lack of knowledge of financial literacy puts young doctors at a great disadvantage. ‘Financial advice for dentists’  helps ease this problem. But the biggest problem faced after passing dental school is to decide what to do next? Start a practice, do PG or go abroad? ‘What after BDS?’ is an extensive and beautifully written article, enlisting all possible options and taking care of all doubts a young graduate can face.

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DentalReach was recently awarded ‘Leveraging Technology for Digital Community Building’ at DigiPharmaX and the credit of this award goes to YOU. Dear Readers! Your readership and feedback have made DentalReach a leading digital platform for dentists. The entire team sincerely thanks all of you for giving us a kickstart in 2019, and we wholeheartedly wish the same for you – may you have the best of everything this year!

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