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Virtual Dentist Convention 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic & Dentistry


4th September 2021

Sponsors: Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Virtual Program Platform: Microsoft Teams

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The Covid -19 pandemic is having a devastating effect on oral health and economy. As a clinician one knows progression of the oral diseases if not attended at the appropriate time. Here in this Virtual Dentist Convention program, an attempt has been made to update the academicians & practicing dentists regarding treatment protocols

Program Schedule:

Challenges to be faced during Covid -19 & its variants, precautions to betaken during dental practice

Dr. Shivalingaswamy Salimath
Pulmonary Medicine,
Trustwell Hospitals, Bangalore

Mucormycosis & Dental Practice

Dr. Girish B. Giraddi,
Dean cum Director,
GDCRI, Bangalore



Dental practice: Financial, Legal & Clinical implications

Dr. Sachin Shivanaikar,
Professor & Head,
Department of Periodontics,
Maratha Mandal’s NGH Institute
of Dental Sciences, Belgaum
President Elect IDA, Belgaum

Panel Discussion: Dental Practice-The Future

1. Dr. K.S. Nagesh
2. Dr. Srinidhi D.
3. Dr. Rajeev Chitguppi
4. Dr. Prakash H.P.
5.Dr. Ranganath V.
Dr. Revan Joshi

Co-ordinator:Dr. (Capt) Suresh T

Ph No.: 8050041234

E-mail: sureshgdc@gmail.com

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